Monday, June 29, 2009

Breakthrough in the trees

I was determined to get this cantering cue business taken care of....knowing that my mare had been started correctly in her training although ; she had some pretty disturbing training that was painful to her mouth and back that left memory scares upon her mind.

I have had her for almost 4 years now and I have been completely FAIR..maybe not always correct but not in anyway hurtful or disrespectful.

It is not like we don't canter..oh we do canter, all the time and even in place at times(on purpose) It happens when I ask for slower and she keeps her cantering up instead of trotting.
I now ask for this on purpose , using half-go aides. It feels so wonderful!

We also do flying lead changes as well...this too- is just not all done to my cues. Last ride out we did 3 Tempe changes, to my great glee...but it was because of a shy and then I asked for her to move over to the other track again and she changed back then ,another shy! So, I find out she does what I want on mistake then I hone it down to on purpose!

Anywho...I went out to the nearby tree farm, with soft Doug Fir branched lanes, and warmed up going down the alleys in walk to trot to walk..then trot..and as I came out of the lanes I asked for "shoulder fore"around the endcaps and back into the lanes we went.
I then halted her-facing away from the stable as she can get excited going towards it. I sat my "chosen outside" seat bone down(these are straight lines) squeezed lightly on the inside girth- and= she did it-almost from a standstill, only 2 steps and CANTER we went..on the correct lead!

I was like cooing out loud, "OH!!! Good Girl!" As I pet her whither! !
I trotted some more and sit trot a while then halted. She complied problems or backlash or evil-stinky eyeball at me!!! And here is the real awesome news....a surprise too!
She really REALLY put her back up and her head and neck went into the bit as she stretched out...I felt this rocking horse motion under me, and all of a sudden----I had seat contact and my heals automatically were weighted..and my lower was free to decide where to go and free to be used!!! I also felt something behind me!!! What a strange thing I thought.... It was the Saddle's Cantle as her back came up..whoa!!

I have been trying a new saddle out as does fit her nicely and the only hitch is =I gave my sissy my favorite dressage girth when we traded saddles last January when she retrieved her horse from me again. She left me the "All Purpose" saddle and I gave her back the Dressage saddle with my "Soft Touch" girth...I loved that girth!

Little did I know In would be needing it because I fell into a really great deal, of late, of this nice Dressage saddle for under $300. Then people selling it did not know how to use it and punched12 new holes(OOOU- BAD!) into the billets under the panel..and yes, it slightly dented the leather.
It is not the best fact, it is unheard of, so far from my friends.
"Regency Gold" English made. It is supposed to be black, but the dye, I fear is not a good job and the previous handling may have something to do with it was so dry and very mouldy; as well as bit bleached out. When I clean it, the black does come off a bit each time.
But, it is the right price at the RIGHT time. I am going to give back the Hans Biglajzer all purpose saddle I have been using for 4 years. It does not fit her anymore and has left white hairs on her wither pocket..she has more muscling now and hence a too tight of fit.

Sooo, the next day we went out for a calm trial ride..she seemed a bit tired and I decided to go a new direction and scope it out.....we went up and up a stony mountain road that was deep in the trees....I held the camera up above my head to take this one...almost able to see the view! took my breath away, we reached the top finally and OH-WOWOWOW!!

We made plans to come back, and when you hear of the'll just have to start calling me

"The Gal from Stony Mountain"...yea picture -"The man from Snowy River" and then me, doing the same thing!!! Down some pretty cool trails!( only at the walk though!)


  1. Oh wow, what an amazing view!! Sounds like you had awesome rides the last couple of days. Beautiful, beautiful Wa! Isn't it just heavenly when they are "with" you? One of the best feelings in life. I could just picture everything from reading your words...very nice.

  2. What a beautiful view and wonderful of you to work with your sweet mare in a fair way. :) I'm going to my English riding lesson tonight and this week horse camping with my girlfriend up at Big Meadows. We really need to get together sometime! I see "my own" horse in my future. :)

  3. Sounds like amazing things are happening for you! Another thing I enjoyed in your post was the "unintended tempi" - it's always amazing to me how much our horses can actually do on their own - then we just have to figure out a way to ask for it! Love your descriptions of the "feel" of your ride.

  4. Yay canter cues! We tried a training level test at our last schooling show and got the wrong lead 6 times. It seems like a long way of to ask for the canter from a halt, but inspirational!

  5. Wow! Good job Wa! And you too Kacy! ;) You described that perfectly! Very impressed with the work you're doing with her. That sure looked like a beautiful "Stony Mountain" it! And how smart are you to work her in the rows of Christmas trees? A fun change of pace and a good place for learning. I love getting ideas from you!

  6. What a good job, both of you, and a beautiful view, what could be better than that?

  7. What a good job, both of you, and a beautiful view, what could be better than that?

  8. Lorie!~ Hi there..hope me dleating some gadgets here helped with the log on time~
    Oh yea..I am still hgigh fromt he feeling of being out there so-far with my mare!

    Michelle~ Yes, she is sweet mostly and she is willing too!
    Yesssss we dooo need to convien sometime and say howdy in person like! Maybe you'd allow me to watch a lesson?
    Your future horse is waiting for you too!

    Kate~hahaI was smiling so big-ola when she did that flying change 3 times in is like she is asking me- to learn how to ask her- to do it on purpose..I think!!
    Thanks for the nice comment..well..I love to talk about the rides casue I would LOVE to ride with you all, my friends!

    Albigears~ Oh man..I am so pleased that you tried it- till you got iot obviously! WHOA! Well, I asked from the halt because the more speed she has the more buck she can muster..and I KNEW she knew exactly what I wanted. So after more repititions ..will do it from trot with confidence

    jrosey~Thanks...we do have to do some creative work where we have...being outside of an arena as we are...BUT- our hay field JUST got cut and will be baled this weekend!!! It is the best footing and aways from the barn..feels like work there and not turnout fun.

    Gail Hi~ She does nice work and carries me far..I rather think she enjoyes it as she is so perky, when we set out a new direction!
    AND a double Gail..Nothing could be better!

  9. ok....I'm impressed. Good work and a great view!

  10. That view is so awesome!!!!! Lucky you! And I'm so happy to read how well she rode for you! What a good girl, give her a hug and a kiss for me for keeping you safe! I wish I knew all the terms you were talking about, I dont do English riding so I'm pretty lost! LOL But it sounded awesome! ha ha, really tho it sounds like you are doing everything right and good, especially when she shy's making her think your correction is actually what she wanted! good girl to you too! Love you!

  11. Fantastic, gorgeous view!! Please,please, send me some of those trees! I'm desperate here!

  12. Lori~ Thanks, coming from you I accept that!
    Rae~ Yea. love the view is calling me again to come visit..this weekend with a friedn so I can share her! I will hug and kiss the mare today for you..she is beginning to be receptive to my loving on her, instead of indifferent!

    Strawberry lane~ We have so many..I would share them if I could, just have to keep them shaed here for now! You could come visit them!

  13. WOW, awesome picture! Looks BEAUTIFUL!

    I'm SO jealous of Wa's canter leads! Daisy has such trouble with leads...her problem is the opposite; she can get the correct leads from a standstill, but if we're walking or trotting, she'll only do left X-(. We work a ton on it, though...I hope one day she'll be good at it, too! :)

    You have such cool places to ride; beaches, mountaintops...lucky!

  14. I love that you train in the alleys of a tree farm! Sounds like a great ride and some really good progress.

    That is an amazing view!

  15. Wow, she sounds like she's really getting it and going through the lanes of the tree farm was such a good idea. Love all your pictures, you have great views. Can't wait to hear your stony mountain story.

  16. first awesome shots :) Second are you sure we're not related? :) I've been working on a smoother canter/cue and execution with my gazi (arabian)... getting better one day at a time.. sounds like another day in the paradise for you... good on ya


  17. Look at that view! It really reminds me of where we ride out here. We are always up in the high country. :)

    Kudos to you and Wa mare on your cantering feat, and good luck with that new saddle. :)

  18. Yay! Good girl, Wa!

    Kac, does the lady who's hair you do with the goats have cashmere goats by chance? Cause I found some in Oregon City!

    Also, I did email you at the new addy you left me.

    Hope all is well!

  19. Sounds like a great ride and the last picture is awesome!!! What a breathtaking view! You are so lucky to have such beautiful places to ride! :-)
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  20. You are so impressive, lady. I wish I had the courage to just take my horse out by myself and ride for hours on end. Love this ride and loved the beach ride you videod. Maybe I'll get brave enough if I read your blog all the time. Keep talking!
    Thumbs up! Anne

  21. You're so funny, Kacy! Gorgeous views! Wa looks lovely in her new saddle. It looks rather comfy, too



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