Thursday, June 25, 2009

Come for a ride with us VIRTUALLLY!!!

You are Cordially invited to spend time on the trails, Ocean shores, plains views and Mountain peaks with us here in Boggerville!

PLEASE mark your calendars for the week of July 5th on to Ride the Woods and Mountains and Ocean sands of : dp and Jean in Canada, allhorsestuff in Oregon, Kate in Illinois, Funder in Ohio, Leah Fry and Mindy in Texas, and Lytha in Germany--all in the same week and weekend!!!


Aarene has put this together for all to partake and enjoy.

Please DO CLICK on the envelope to visit her BLOG-and TAKE your first ride with her!

" In Which you'll smile and laugh "and generally be WOWED!

See you all as we take a ride and enjoy the fares of the events!

KacyK w Washashe mare~


  1. Ooh, how fun! At some point, when I get fancy and have a truck and trailer of my own I really would love to come down to your neck of the woods for a "real" beach ride! For now, bloggerland will suffice! ;)

  2. do come for the beachJune 25, 2009 at 10:35 PM

    Jrosey...You are welcome anytime to come for a beachy horsey-weekend!!! I am dying to go again already and need someone else to go with!!

  3. I'll see if I can fanangle myself a trailer sometime soon! My grandpa has an old one that he was thinking about donating to my cause and I *think* my truck is powerful enough to pull it...I'll have to get in touch with him about it! A bloggy buddy beachy ride would be so much fun! If I can swing it, I'm there! :)

  4. Wahoo, we're gonna have fun--REAL fun, and virtual fun, too.


  5. Makes me a little bit sad....but very happy for all of you. You're all going to have so much fun Kacy. Stay safe and happy trails to you and yours!


  6. sign me and gazi up... i'll get his saddle ready...

    gp and gazi
    ps great idea!!


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