Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Honestly folks

This Kuntry Girl has bestowed and award to me here...she is so sweet and I love her tales of farm life and also her Arabian Caspian~who , by the by, has his own blog telling it- his way!

I love that!

Thanks for thinking of me girly and getting me to let out some of me here that may or may not be related to horses!

OH AND.....Oregon Sunshine has just given me the same award..I actually wanted to copy and paste her honest -almost 10- things..but that would NOT be too honest, though you could put Kacy-in front of her -almost 10-it would work!

Here are the rules.....

First, you have to tell your readers 10 things about you they may not already know, but are true.

Second, you have to tag "SOME"(my change!) people with the award.

Third, you have to let the people you've given the award to know that they've received this award from you. Finally, make sure you link back to the person who awarded you.

1. This is something even my momma does not know...I was a naughty girl as I grew up on the farm...I chased the horses...alot!
Well, she did know that, but she did not know that I was the reason Washahse's half sister Kahlua, jumped from a stand still, a 4 foot fence one day and then jumped back to be in the right place with her horse buddies again. ( I could probably do the 10 with that kind of secret ....)

2. Okay one more naughty girl confession.....I was younger when this one 7. My pony Trixie had it out for my sisters first horse, Bunny. They always hated each other and would nip and squeal and kick out at each other. One day I thought I could fix this problem once and for all...letting my pony prove she was the toughest pinto pony in town. So... I let her go- in the large field where Bunny, and 2 other of our horses ,were grazing.....oh baby, she new what to do...she ran all the way over to Bunny and turned and backed into her kicking and was an official "Kick Off" between them and I knew I had caused some real I ran to the house and lied to mom saying, "I fell off Trixie" and she went and broke it up... I think there was surprisingly minimal my great relief!

3. In grade school I was not very socially excepted..I wore farm clothes and pig tales..some of the girls were more glamor oriented and thought to slam me one day by writing a nasty note to me .
I was on the cheer squad and recently wore a pair of rust colored jeans to practice because my mom had an aversion to me wearing "Blue Jeans" to school -at all. We were supposed to be wearing Blue jeans on the squad. I was the only one that did not look like the others, but no one minded-save one-
This one delivered a note to my locker and as I read it by my locker and some of my true friends found me crying. They read the note and within the hour had rounded up the girl responsible and made her apologise to me.
I will never forget that...standing up for good and honoring friends in the face of an ill maliced person.

4.Black licorice all the way baby! And Ginger Ale...

5. My thing in life is to encourage others to be more and also to be what they are...not to minimise themselves or tell themselves sour things(I know, I need a dose of that too!)

6. Being a hairdresser has empowered me for the good..though it has been a long difficult road.

7. I am a nut about routine and order and consistency...I like to know what to expect... and getting what is contractual and verbally agreed upon with folks.....and I expect that is why I have not gotten along with some of the swindler barn owners I have left and recently gotten kicked out from.

8.So, it's needless to say=I like honesty and rely upon it as my guide for the whole of the person. I think that actions are decisions and are a view of one's heart.

9. I can't wait to try Reeses Peanut butter cups- in a smore!

10.I found out that if you SMILE like you really are having fun when a picture is taken of you, when you are having fun...You tend to look really great!

Okay Dokay...I shall Nominate just ONE other..cause I am overwhelmed with all that it takes to link and notify and ...yadda yadda...
Ummm, and the person shall be................................My favorite Moutain InnKeeper! Over at "Musings from Montana"
Please do go on over and pay her a friendly'll be glad that you did!


  1. Yay! Great stuff there! You must've given your momma some trouble with your scheming ways! I think we all have a story that stands out about the way we socialized in school. How great that you had true good friends to stick up for you.

    I totally agree with you about #7. I'm sooo routine oriented. I try to mess with it every once in awhile, just to avoid getting too set in my ways, but it's hard! I'm a planner! I like to know what I'm doing, when I'm doing it, etc. And I like to be able to count on people...I hope people can count on me.

    Great answers! Thanks for playing along! :)

  2. Hi Kac,
    Just wanted you to know that I tagged you for the Honest Award over at my place but saw you had already posted so I figured you didn't want to do it again.....but come one over and read some of mine! LOL! You were naughty like me! I like your philosophy about people, it's all good! Oh and I'm a planner somewhat but I do like change!


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