Saturday, June 20, 2009

Horses and Roses

These are two of my favorite things! Horses and Roses.....

Meet My very first installment..."Lavender Lassie" from Russia. She is very PINK..and I wondered where her name came from. Well, when you dry her blossoms...they are a deep Purple..hence the name!
While I have been out with my mare most of the nice Roses have been flourishing in my absence...and that was the plan when I researched and bought them from a very unique gardens called "Heirloom Old Garden Roses" in the local countryside. They import the original root roses from Gardens such as Monet's and other locations where they flourish in an original strain .
Mine are are shade tolerant and disease resistant. They have many that will grow almost anywhere you plant them.My Roses, that are from around the world, send me off into the day with bight color and rich scents that make me smile. When I return, greet me very strongly with a heavy welcome of a rosy musk and wine aroma.

These two shrub Roses are at either side of the walk to our gate

While this Beauty, that can be seen from down the block, is starting to climb around the gate's arbor.

Below, This Rambler has grown 3-4 feet a year and has quickly overtaken 15 feet of telephone poll and the 12 feet of Trellis my husband erected for this purpose! It is very successful in shielding us from the street's view.

It smells heavenly as it blooms and the bees are usually busy gathering pollen inside it's blooms.
It has overtaken another shrub rose that lives there. It now peeks out from beneath that rambler.

I hope you enjoyed meeting my Roses that need hardly a hand of to prune for a vase to take to work.
They love to make you smile!


  1. Kac, BEAUTIFUL roses!!! Love the ramblers, so old fashioned. I always think of my grandma with I see climbing roses, she had two huge climbing deep red roses that grew beside her back door. My grandpa made a trellis on each side and the roses grew over the top and intertwined. In the summer the was bursting with red blooms, it was beautiful.
    I must make a point of getting some to climb over the doorway to the old fruit cellar behind the house.
    thanks for sharing your roses, dear! Hugs.....
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  2. Oh, your roses are so very beautiful! I love the way you described them... I could close my eyes and smell them :) ahhhhhh

  3. You really have a talent for growing roses. I just love the simple white bush rose.

  4. Does Wa love roses too} I think Arwen would eat them!

  5. As I'm a second generation product of Oregon's Rose City -- I LOVE your roses.

    Also love that you're using heritage roses.

  6. Jane I have been wanting to share since I took the photo's a few weeks ago...I loive these roase with how little I must do!

    Steph Some are like bourbon intoxicating!

    One Red horse Thanks..well they love WATER..and I put banana peels down and a can of "pop" once in awhile too!That one is "White Coster"..I was to have two..but the other turned out to be a single petal rose shrub... but the more the merrier!

    I have never taken them to her Esther! Maybe tomorrow! A small bouquet for the mare! Good idea!

    Oregon Equestrian I just love theses roses with history and origins! How could we NOT have roses in the Rose City?? DO you have them too?

  7. What lovely roses and I bet they smell so sweet and fragrant. Beautiful!

  8. Beautiful! You have quite the collection! Very inspiring! I'm working on completing my "cutting garden" and so far I have 3 rose bushes planted...but none with the history of yours! That's so, so cool! I really love the climbing ones & am now trying to think of a spot where I might be able to grow some of my own! Great pics!! I can almost smell them now! :)

  9. beauties.. .i can almost smell 'em from here.


  10. Just GORGEOUS!!! Im soooooo jealous!!! When I get home from Africa I plan on planting some roses, I have always wanted to grow them!! Yours are amazing!!

  11. WOW! I learned something about you today that i didnt know! Your roses are truly beautiful! I got your text...just been so busy...I'll call you tonight!


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