Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's A Sign!

We were told it would be smooth riding here...and boy did I need that after the mishaps of the rides lately!

Meet Cazi...a Mustang that I met yesterday..Here Romeo and he share the hay bag delights.

After those hectic events in and out of the saddle of late, I was in for some better times. Little did I know a few days ago, It would be something I would need after unforeseen violent spills!

Monday I was in the barn and this gal drives up ..she was really neat looking. Now, I know that may strike you as odd, that I mention that but, I am a hairdresser and though I am NOT critiquing everyone I see..I do notice someone well put together and sporting a fancy hairstyle..specially around the barn!
Anywho, this gal was just at the Bay Ocean Beach House, where we ride the horses, and had accidentally taken home some of Gemma 's gear and Gem had taken hers...she was returning it now and introduced herself and said, that "we should ride sometime"...I totally never let that invitation go by without a date on the books...I wasted NO-Time in making a was Yesterday!
Jenni and Cazi, a Keiger (sp?)Mustang that she has trained. Boy, is he handsome and though out of shape, his attitude and patience really did show through to me. He is trusting and not skittish, takes the lead or is willing to follow too. He grazed near the trailer without a lead on and hopped right into that trailer, when she pointed to it...just a gentleman.

I took Romeo out this day ...wanting to make sure these trails really were smooth, and not at all treacherous . To be honest..we did take the 'Ridge trail" and I got a bit nervous and wondered if we should turn around..a first for me..but I had to trust Romeo..he is sure footed.

These trails were heavenly to be sure...and very close to the stable for both of us. She lives nearby and picked me up! WOW, I will say it again, SHE PICKED ME UP!
Maybe the days of me always picking folks up is over.

These are private trails that border along about 15 horse homes. They monitor them for intruders and keep them up so nicely! All of them are marked and groomed and WOW...Trail Nirvana!

We were invited to park in the private driveway of her friend...and they extended the invite to me so kindly, after we arrived.
It was so Lovely, peaceful and just as smooooth as pie! There are some trails that are more steep.. that go all the way to the canyon floor to the creeks and waterfalls-but those I will borrow a trail pony for..and reserve the smoother hours of enjoyment for Washashe mare!

While we were out...we lost a cell phone and I knew I would be coming back, on this sunny day, to look for it with my mare...wanting to redeem the trails for her after our spill .

I went home after about 2 hours of riding and then got my mare ready to come on back...
I told her about the Smooth trails and she agreed to try again.
It was gorgeous out and warm..we enjoyed an on-the-buckle ride most of the way...and we went all the way to the end of a grassy road...trails right and to the left with those cute little "SIGNS" really is well loved out there. We finally came to the main highway and turned down another grassy road, and it looped it all together! I brought trail markers-wooden clothesline pins with red ribbon..but never needed any because of the signs!

We were walking on back and I heard what sounded like a motorised vehicle coming up behind.
It panicked me a bit,as I was looking to duck into a trail...but, I kept looking back...nothing...but more whooshing noises and now debris all around..I could not see the sky but it was very warm still..and I thought must be a high wind...we felt it coming on stronger and my erg to return home made us break our walk for a hand gallop!

We got to the open and holy cow...the sky was swirling around over head! I could barely keep my eyes open for the particles of earth being tossed around!

We trotted up the nearby-thank goodness-driveway and I did not even take the mare's saddle off...but just loosened the girth and put her fly mask on. I was hoping that it would darken the lightening I saw all around us now..the thunder was close too...oh! She balked...but got on the trailer and we went about 15 to 20 miles per hour home cause the wind and rains now were so violent!
We made it back to a few TxT msg's asking if we were okay.....

Praise God and His trail angels, that I apparently have permanently assigned to me and the mare!


  1. Looks like a gorgeous ride! Glad you made it out without any major incidents!

  2. Yeah, Kac, God & his angels ARE really lookin' after you lately. What a fab place to ride!!!! I would love that lush greeness. I don't think I'd give up my year round "warm" riding tho. Definitely a toss up eh?
    I've lived so many places, my motto is just, "Love the place you are..." :)
    Question: Was the cell phone found?

  3. Mindy NOPE, did not find the phone...she had a friend calling it every 10 minutes..but I was not there yet, so it ran it dead. I was going to call it as I rode the road..but...

  4. sounds like a fabulous ride out, gald you got in before the weather broke.
    I love the photos from 'on board' , I'll have to copy you and try to do that.

  5. definitely a day the L-rd has made... tho our "sign" today was a serious snow storm after my ride... I had to chuckle while i was driving thru it.. I got that here in MT we live in winter with brief respites of warm weather .... that season called summer i knew in a former life :)

    love your photogs.. happy trot for you

  6. I feel as if I were riding with you! Good timing on the storm, glad you missed the brunt of it.

  7. Whew! I'm glad you ended that ride safely. And also glad you enjoyed two wonderful trail rides AND met a new horse friend. What a blessing and a true joy!


    ps Beautiful photos. So much green everywhere! Cute signs, too.

  8. hey, have you heard of my "unmentionable trail" up in washington? it's a trail where i have dressed up the trees in bras. yah, and i got all my girlfriends to bring their old bras on their horses up the mountain to attach them to trees too, so now lots and lots of trees are "wearing" bras. tastefully, too, nice, black lacey things. ok, some ladies brought some garish florals and hot pink even, but pretty much the trail is tasteful. the local backcountry horsemen are embarrassed by it, or amused, i can't tell, from the signs they put up in addition to my "Unmentionable Trail" sign.

    i'm happy people are getting a kick out of it. you really know where you are when the trees start wearing bras. and with body too, we filled up the cups with pinecones/rocks so that they can be proud of their figures.

    i wasn't the first person with the idea to put a bra around a treetrunk, but i certainly established this one particular trail as a mecca of fashion and femininity. (*lol*)

    just one other thing that would never go over in germany: )



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