Saturday, June 13, 2009

To honor my Sweet Gem

I just love my Gem..she inspires and delights my heart in so many ways.

I met her at church, about 17 years ago as we were praying for her wellness. She looked pretty ill and it was very scary to meet her and begin caring for her and to know her life was in the balance.
I was a new Believer then and when I prayed I expected answers..not like I had to have my prayers answered the way I prayed, just, I wanted to know that I got an answer from God. I was very young and insecure in my faith and God used this event, in her life, to uplift me and I actually knew He would show me His answers. I always waited for them watching for His timing.
He was very merciful to her and I knew He loved her very much. She has always made sure to show him Respect and to shine the light upon Him and not her own works. Her life is a living testimony to God's Love.
He never let me down then and does not now either, yet; I have matured in looking for answers...they are various and many..not just one and few. I have yet to have a prayer go unanswered though; sometimes it does take years to enfold and I must accept No, or wait longer . I love and trust God for His unending patience with me .

Knowing Gemma and her husband John, has been so enriching for me as a person and as a fellow believer. She also is responsible for getting me involved with my hearts passion of Riding and loving horses again..see this POST.
So Gemma, I adore your heart and I love your spirit and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
You are such a good friend and awesome sister in the Lord!
Now, you are my mare's "Other Mom" too!! Thanks for caring for her too, sweetie!




  1. you were praying and expecting answers..

    last night i was praying and i felt very strongly how god wants to answer our prayers when they are voiced as such:

    "show me which way to go"

    when you honestly ask such a question, it is god's pleasure to answer it clearly for us.

    right now i'm trying to find a church in a new community. i'm visiting every free church that there is, and praying that one will be obviously the one. (free churches are kind of like american churches in germany.)

    i am excited to see which it will be, and impatient too.

    the last time i asked such an important question, it was "should i move to germany?"

    and the answer was so clear, it was unmistakable. i had absolutely no doubts, i could come here freely knowing it was the right way.

    those are the questions he loves answering for us as his children.

    p.s. i'm curious about the details of your story: how did she get you back into horses, and what was the illness? but it's not important to your story.

  2. Oh! You are truly blessed Kacy. God has touched your life through your friends. God is love, my dear.
    He loves your friend...and He loves you, too.
    What a beautiful tribute for your friend. I hope she enjoyed a wonderful birthday and I hope you were able to be there to help her celebarte, too.


  3. Kacy, what a blessing to have such a beautiful, wonderful friend!!! Friends like her are hard to find! Lucky you!!!! :-)
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  4. Kacey what a wonderful post! I strongly believe in prayer...and believe in Him to answer them for us. :)

  5. horses and friends of the l-rd... amen... i was so praying for my horses to be fit last nite... love when you get "clarity"

    blessings all

  6. Lytha Right on girl!
    Well, I did answer you over at your place too but will say a few things in case anyone else wants to knnow too....
    Gem was a wild one in her earlier life and contracted Hep C and really got sick and could have not made it through the very rigorous treatments...she did, and did not even contract it to her 3 sons! Praise God!
    As for the getting me back into horses...she came into me for hair 2 years in a row and i mentioned that I grew up riding as she mentioned horses...the first year nothing..the second year she invited me to the beach to ride for a weekend on a spare mare...been riding ever since!!!

    Lisa I know it, I am sooo thankful for her freindship and now that she has my mare,I am extra happy too! I was with her all day and made her special eats at the barn and we had fun...I ordered her a necklace from Tara at Five o'clock somewhere with her and Romeo riding!

    Jane Hi sweet! I adore her to pieces! It is a rare thing to have one so lovely and true.

    Michele Yeppers! Another righton!

    Esther I could not wait to post that! She liked it.

    GP Thanks dear heart!

  7. What a beautiful friendship! More beautiful that God has brought together two special people! Such a beautiful story and testament to your faith and answered prayers! Thankfulness in Gods answers go such a long way...and I pray you'll have friends like her and many others in your life! Your such a special woman and friend!


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