Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Good to know

These two were my onlookers for the day as I went to and fro!

While I maybe could have kept that $300 I spent yesterday at the vets for another purpose..the peace of mind I have and new understating of leg injuries, is priceless. I just had to know the damage to my mare's leg was not worse, and the experts knew and I did not.
Of course- the vets all had to tell me the stories of the horses that did have a broken splint bone and did appear to be fine at first....later to be needing a surgery . Hey, I was there wasn't I..I was NOT going to back out of the procedure now.

She traveled nicely to the apt. of course, with head bumper and legs wraps! They had a few horses in the yard as I drove up . She was great, no calling or nervousness. She just let the gal handle her and trot her to and fro for the Newest installment Young man vet at "Equus Veterinary". he was nice enough yet not very authoritative and referred to my favorite Vet frequently..that was good.

The New guy told me that he like to view the radiography...then go from there. He said he thought it was muscle trauma and that a strong "Sweat" poultice would bring out bacteria.
I was wary of this, as he said it may burn the leg if left on too long...okay..if that is true..it WILL burn my mare's leg anyway, I thought.
He conferred with my favorite vet and he told him to skip that sweat wrap! Good!

They Gave her a dose of horsey downer..I warned them to make it a half dose..she is soo sensitive! She was loose lipped soon after and they began the imaging. It was very cool! It talked to them, as it took photo's, telling them they either did it correctly or incorrectly. Ha!

As the image came onto the screen, It was so plain to see that Wa's leg was intact and that the slice to her Splint bone WAS superficial! Wheew!

She was done in no time and we walked her slowly to the stall so I could pay the bill...she did not mind her confinement this time...if she even was aware of it!

So, I have her on antibiotics and there is a small steriod dose I give to her in the AM.
I am supposed to mix 12 tablets in water and apple sauce and shoot it into her mouth 2X a day..but my PBO is gone till Thursday..and I am not even asking her husband to do that!
So I tested the theroy I have of my mare willing to eat almosty anything -with OATS-YEP!
I mixed the Apple Sauce with the tablets and Oats...it was licked up! So He can do that easily.

All is right on the horse front again friends! I am sooo releived and worn out...being at the barn from 9am till 6pm 2 days straight is tiring....
In between cold hosing and ice wrapping the mare I
> wahsed the truck
> then the trailer
> I cleaned out 3 water troughs
>De pooped 2 paddocks
> Made 28 baggies of suppliments
.....> then I cleaned 3 saddles, 2 bridles, and brushed out 2 sheepskin saddle pads!

Washashe may now continue to view hew nightly deer parade show, from her stall door . 3 of them went by before I could snap this!

Time to go the stable and show the husband how to mix the special brew for Wa!

Thanks for all the sweet and encouraging sentiments. We will be soon riding again and out of the shadows!


I also have some surprising developments to share soon about the mare and I...I just love them!


  1. hooray! So glad that Wa is okay!

  2. Glad to hear she's OK, what a relief eh?

  3. did i get this right? the xray machine talked to them? hm!

    they were telling you those stories cuz they wanted you to feel reassured that you brought her in, i think.

    only the best for wa!


  4. Kacy, so glad that Wa is OK, that would be scary. My goodness you are probably wore out from all the worry and work you have done of late! Nap time??? Wa is a good girl for taking her meds in applesauce, Gilly loves applesauce and will slurp it down!
    We had a lesson today, until the rain came, we worked on shoulder in and turning circles with just leg and seat pressure, he did great, I need more work! LOL
    blessings to you and beautiful Wa
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  5. still sighin' hereJune 10, 2009 at 12:17 PM

    Yippie skippie...am so relieved too! Thanks all!

    Lytha Yea..you putting it that way made sense to me..yesterday-was out of ratioanl thought

  6. Kacy...the news is good. Better to be safe than sorry, and Wa deserved the onceover from the vets. You did the right thing. What now?

  7. Owwwwwwwwwie. I'm glad it's not more serious. I always think of shipping boots as protection from scrapes and extra support when stepping in and out of the trailer, but had never really thought about how horses can step on each other.

  8. tired and taking a breakJune 10, 2009 at 8:43 PM

    Lori...now...I am beat she will enjoy the time off then, I think resume some safer arena work and jumping for a change!

    Nuzz Yea...it was good that he was bare foot too...could hve done some terrible damamge with iron!

    Oregon E yep!

    Steph...meee toooo!

  9. It's good to get something like that checked out by a vet - now you don't have to worry as much and that peace of mind is valuable - and it could have been something worse - how were you to tell? Glad you have a clear course of treatment to follow, and hope she recovers soon!

  10. She'll be rearing to go (no pun intended)before you know it! So glad it wasn't serious. Applesauce does a horse good! Romeo had the syringe treatment with applesauce and antibiotics for many months when he was first born. He still sucks on the syringe...as we had to give antibiotics for the hernia surgery! Hope the x-rays don't set you back too much! What we do for our beloved horses....keeps us broke for sure! Rejoicing with ya girl! Luanne

  11. Jane I was soo wiped out yesterday...I actually bought one of those "Energy" drinks to get through the day!
    Your lesson sound fab! Darn the rain this time!

    Kate You are right and I am very glad that I did it. Happy that my vet is so close and they are very comprehensive.

    LuLo thanks sweet freind! I really appreciayte the prayers and so does Wa...funny that the tube is a happy memory for Romes and he takes it willingly!

  12. Oh Kacey so glad W is fine! Poor little thing!

  13. Glad to hear that all is well!

  14. I posted on my phone a couple days ago to say Thank God and thought it had posted! Hmmmm. Epic fail.
    Yay! Kac, I am so glad all is well! You are such a good horse mama! I would trust you with my horse and that is the ultimate compliment for me to give! :)
    kisses to WA GRRRL!

  15. Oooh! Such happy news, Kacy! What a relief now.
    I look forward to reading about all the new developments, too.



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