Monday, June 8, 2009

Totally my fault

This is Wa mare with an "Ice Horse" Therapy rig works very well for heat and swelling reduction. I am soo glad that we got the fridge in the tack room now, as my Ice was all set to go for this emergency. Though I only needed it for the one leg this time..the balance of the strap over the hiney held it in place. She totally wouldn't move either! It was hilarious...frozen.
Today, I also figured out how to get her to step onto a tarp(a dreaded thing) feed her on it!

Man do I feel like a jerk of a horse owner right now! I went on a trail ride yesterday with a new horse..and what was I thinking??? I failed to put the shipping boots on-ONE TIME- and this time, the new horse stepped over on my mare's hind leg!

When we unloaded the horses, She was picking up her left hind and kicking it. As I groomed before the ride and I then saw the slices into her tendon area!
Sick to my stomach, I became instantly.
The gal that was new had just the right things for Wa as she is a Naturopathic nurse. We gave her some Arnica, and put powdered Golendseal into the wound. It was clean and had not affected her gate at all..I walked and walked her to see if she had issue, and she did not.
So we did walk the trails. It was nice.

Today PBO called me in the morning to say, that it had swollen quite a bit and I rushed out there to see and make vet arrangements if needed.
I deemed a call was in order and they offered me a 3 I waited around all day tending to the duties I had to do...make feed packets...cold hose...make more feed packets...graze and cold hose. I was making sure NOT to get the water on the actual wound, just on the hock and fetlock and other side of the tendon. After I iced and cold hosed and walked her up and down the driveway and over to My PBO's house while grazing her...about an hour or so...I then wrapped it up with a standing wrap. My first one.
This mare's legs are so not typical..they are petites! I found that the neat standing wrap batting I bought years ago, for such an occasion, were so dang huge on her! I got the kind I may wash after use. It came off her leg like 4 inches in diameter! I am going to have them cut in half and have four- out of two! So I had cotton batting too,and that worked fine.

The vet called and we talked it over and since some of the swelling went away with walking and cold therapy...we decided to see about tomorrow...the Radio graphic machine was out till then anyway.

Hope and pray tomorrow she looks great! I will have to cancel my entire day out to get her there by 3pm.

I gave her 1 gram of Butte and more Arnica. She got dinner early and I came on home...

We shall see~


  1. oh no! poor wa! i never use trailering wraps so i guess i've always been lucky. things like this make me rethink what standard equipment should be for trailering. geez.

    i hope she improves fast for you.


  2. She looks like she's standing well on it - so perhaps no serious damage done. I usually use wraps when I trailer, and you just reinforced that for me - even though it's a lot of trouble to do!

    Hope the mare improves soon!

  3. I'll say a prayer for you both today!
    I'm sorry this has happened to her.

  4. Kacy, so sorry Wa was hurt, I never thought about putting wraps on the legs when trailering. But then I have never trailered anywhere, yet. good thing to remember though. Sounds like you are taking care of her very well and she will be fine. A lot to think about, this horse owning stuff! My neighbors horse always seems to be accident prone, Gilly not so but will have to get some leg wraps just the same.
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  5. Oh no! I hate when things like that happen!
    Hope it all goes well and it is just superficial damage.

    I like using trailer boots or wraps just for that reason! I know some people feel that putting the wraps or boots on can make a horse kick out more. But, I think if they have been trained for it then the extra time to put them on is worth it!

    Even when I trailer my boy alone I use them. He has stepped on himself before.

  6. Fingers crossed that she heals up quick with no issues!! Sounds like you are well on the right track with treatment though. Give Wa a big rub from us!

  7. I was just saying to my mom the other week about how trailering accidents seem to be happening a lot lately and to please wrap her horse!

    Hope you have speedy recovery.

  8. I hope your baby is feeling better soon and you won't even need the radiography machine. She doesn't look bad from her pictures.
    It never fails does it, the one time you don't do something and ... that's just the way it goes. Good luck with her leg.

  9. Hope it isn't too serious and that Wa recovers quickly.

    Makes one feel like even more of a heel when the horse offers to perform even when hurt -- and the injury is our fault.

    I think she knows you're taking good care of her.

  10. Poor Wa! Hope she gets better soon!

  11. Oh Poor Wa! Oh no...poor Kacy, too! I bet you are so worried about your beautiful mare.

    I'm so sorry she is hurt, but I hope she heals well and soon.


  12. prays and a nicker out your way... horses.. you gotta love 'em or they break your heart

    get some sleep if you can:)

  13. I haven't used trailer wraps or boots for years, and I trailer at least once or twice a week--so you have my official permission to quit blaming yourself!

    Take care of your good little mare--and take some more pictures of those EXTREMELY interesting iceboot pantaloons, please!

  14. Lytha OH!!! It was a scarey 2 days...but the Wa mare is back well now! I will NEVER trailer again withoput the HEAD Bumper or Ship boots again!
    Thanks for you sweet commet!

    Kate She never did have a lameness stint with this injury..this AM I causght her cantering up to the barn across the gravel for breakfast!Yep...never forget the legs wrapos or HEAD gear!~

    LuLo Thanks for the prayers...Thanks God! She is good!

    Jane Hi9 there!I just have the "Dover" catalog standard Shipping boots and they are quick and easy I had not an excuse! Wa is good now..!!!!

    Steph I am TOTALLY using them ALL The Time..Like I normally did before! It is JUSTt plain smart to be prepared!Thanks for the wise words and actions you take!

    Mrs Mom She got tons of hugs today...I will add your tomorrow..thanks so much, I really appreciate the sentiments from you!

    Veronica I have taught many people to take all the precaucions for thier animals..and wham, the time I neglect, it is gross!

    Grey horse Yea...the one time you don't do what ytou get it!She is good now..did not need the machine but, I am glad I had them do it..cause it gives me a base line now for the look(depth) of a wound.

    Oregon Equestrian I know! She was sooo good on the day it happened..just a trail dream truly. She does know I love her and has really been good for me through this.

    O Sunshine Thanks..she is doing well now

    Lisa Oh my sweet mare has actually become somewhat- sweeter- through his all!Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement dear!

    GP You made me cry with the Nicker prayer! I am sleeping well now!

    AareneX haha! I knew someone would think it a funny thing those wraps...those are for the front legs..and you should have seen the real contraption I made to keep them on her hinds after the photo! There is Gel-Ice in pockets...all down those, they work wonderfully!
    Heal I feel...still...but she is doing sooo much better now!


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