Monday, June 22, 2009

In a Quandary

Well, It is true...a quandary I am in.
Today, I showed up for my mentoring ride today and my mentor did not...I failed to confirm this time, but we did talk last week, and I said I would be there. Oh well....

We, the mare and I, have not worked on anything in an arena for about 3 weeks now. I got on Wa in the tilled field near the barn and she thought she'd give me a sour run for my money...So I thought better of it and decided to get to the actual arena sooner rather than later and do all the warming up there.
We showed up in a good amount of time to warm up and we did just that....long rein walking into a slowly gathered collected walk. The mare has had some trouble with this on the trail...usually, when we gather to connect and she immediately wants to trot and that is what we have the contact for. My Bad!
So I have also been gathering the reins up to connect and then, letting out again frequently so. She will need alot of this on the trail but in the arena today , she did so much better.
IN fact today, she stayed right in my hands through most of our work. We even did sitting trot sequences on the short wall and some lengthening trots through the diagonals. I know she loved those times of lengthening today...she perked right up for it, but stayed with my longer posting motion and did not rush. I was so proud of her!
It was all good till I asked for canter...she really soured again and threatened to come up and to buck. I took my standing martingale off..because there was none of this for the past now. I was very discouraged and she did intimidate me. I decided to keep going with sitting trot till I was satisfied... it shocked her a little that I persisted, but she obliged me with some fantastic lateral moves from X to the left and then to the right..a bit freer to the left than to the right.
So my quandary is....I am going to have to have an arena for the winter time..I know I will not be happy with trails only. I feel as though I restart each time I am away for a few weeks, and I need to ride in there at least twice a week to get over d=some of these humps, I fear. My sister takes her trailer and truck back sometime in the first part of July. So that is that for the arena till the neighbor's get theirs done, I guess, for local.
I would really love a round pen to get these cantering kinks out too...a large arena is a bit scary for me as she tends to bolt when pissed off about whatever it is she is when I ask for the canter.
I kinda think it is just me asking in the arena...a bad bad habit of disrespect. She never does this outside!
So hummm...I hate to leave this perfect place..but I know it won't be perfect for winter.
So -it is leaving me in a quandary.


  1. Could there be a soreness issue that's showing up for the canter departure? - the canter is very lateral and if there's something wrong behind on one side or the other, or in the back, cantering can be painful. My mare used to do that a lot until we got her fixed on the chiropractic and saddle fit fronts. One other thing to consider - a horse with ulcers (which are surprisingly common) will have sensitive sides - sometimes overreacting to cues, with bucking, ear pinning etc.

  2. I sure wish I could give you some sound advice. Your right you need the arena or round pen. everything starts and continues with ground/arena exercise work (and keep her confined during those stinky moments.) But do what you have to until that option becomes available to you again. I know you dont like that option BUT it would be better than trying these exercises with out either, I dont want you to get hurt. I really dont think if you cant find either that she will be too bad when you start back up, I mean if you continue riding like you do, she is still kept with a routine, exercise and is having to be mindful and she wont forget what she knows...may have a few rough starts but I'm betting she'll be okay when you do start back with arena work after winter. And I definitely agree with Kate, her silliness with the canter could be physical...or could be she is a mare...LOL you know how we women are! I really could be off I'm curious to see what others suggest, every time I read someones blog or comments about horses I learn so much!!

  3. seeking answers on where to beJune 23, 2009 at 10:10 AM

    Like I said..outside and often in an arena outside..she will canter fine. I do have to use my weight and seat and NO leg..just leg postition.
    I never considered ulcers for this mare as she has no other symptoms that I am aware...
    Thanks Kate and Rae

  4. Humm...just read up on the ulcers and we have some gresat things going for us...very light dressage work..lots of grass turnout and hay 24-7 . So, no eating "down time" for the acid to build up.
    She is very calm traveling and not much excites her these days..she is such a good girl! Plus- her grain consumption is very little
    2 C whole oats X 2 a day with Flax, Vita E, Gamma Oil, Garlic, mare magic and Source nutrients.
    I am glad I read up on that too.

  5. I still need to get that mare magic...I think they have it in TSC if not I'll order it online when my next check comes. but since I'm selling Bella this week, i really wont need it, but still good to have, every mare has a stinky day now and then (I'm getting BABE back this month!!!) any way yes very interesting on teh ulcers, I didnt know about this at all. your Wa is a good girl, and I know you'll come up with a solution soon, you always do!!!! Love ya! (did you get my email?)

  6. I have no suggestions for you. Since Gilly and I aren't very good at dressage, I am clueless?? Hope you get it worked out, hope it's nothing serious, maybe she is just being a stinker.
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  7. i don't know anything about riding horses or dressage(spelling(?))
    but i do like the softness around the trees in this photo


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