Thursday, June 18, 2009

Take( another) look..EXPLAINED

I did not have the time to explain properly when I posted the element of....?...well you know, I wanted to bate and wait!
Okay --here are the goods on this little beauty. It is the same make as my sissy's trailer, A Thuro-Bilt. But a much smaller version! It is a 2 horse slant with a removable wall in the tack room(everything is removable) for more room to make it a stock-like trailer.
It is only 3 years old and I was not even looking to buy it...but a fellow equine "LOCAL"blogger ,came into me for hair and because of certain situations- was forced to make the decision to sell it. She was hashing it over "out loud" while I was talking to her in the salon chair.
It suddenly occurred to me that instead of feeling sorry for her that she had to sell her -taste of freedom-( is how it is for me to have a trailer) I should be asking questions, as she clearly WAS indeed going to sell!
We made a verbal deal and a couple weeks went by as I was negotiating with my husband and mother( she helps me underwrite some horsey things) to how it all would work out ..and BOOM-O WHAM...I was picking the trailer last weekend with Gem and now, as I look out the stable double doors, there she sits -washed and waiting for a coat of Wax from me!
I have bartered for a great many things in my 21 year, makeup, clothes, hotel room stays, riding lessons,, in part, a trailer!
Gotta love it!


  1. Sweet! Lucky you. I know that you are going to make it work hard.

  2. Whohooo! Lots of trips to the beach in that one, eh?

    I miss ya, sweetie. :(


  3. That is one awesome trailer, we don't have those here in Europe (unless you import one from the US and that is very expensive..)
    Soooo nice!

    Have lots of happy and safe trips with it!!


  4. Very NICE!! Freedom to move about is yours!! Enjoy :)

  5. Nice ride!!!! Congratulations! :)

    Also...thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog about "me." I was touched when I read it. :)
    I am thinking that I will not FaceBook, because it seems so impersonal, and not as family oriented as blogging.

  6. Ooh! Awesome! That is one sweet trailer! Stoked for you!

  7. I'm having a hard time typing . . . sorta of blinded by the blazing green color of my jealous face. What an outstanding trailor. Congratulations!

  8. That is a great trailer!!!! Wow Kac...congrats girl! Where we gonna go?:-)

  9. Wonderful, wonderful!!! Congratulations to you and Wa, your very own wheels, very NICE trailer!!!
    I SO want a trailer!!! But then I will have to have lessons on how to pull it and then have to asked my husband to borrow his truck when I want take Gil for a ride!!!
    No riding here today a big storm is brewing and the thunder is getting closer and louder! I am hiding in the house today!!!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  10. happy trailer ownerJune 19, 2009 at 10:02 AM

    DP! HI* missed you...know that you are working hard on Facical Farm!
    YOU bet ya...this little beauty will be a travelin!She jsut saw some dressage shows with her former owner...but will see the forests and beaches with me!

    Lisa Yep..thanks!

    HBFG Don't you have the "Brender Up"s ?

    O Sunshine !!!

    Lori !Ha ha!MAXIMAUS!
    Kate !
    Steph YOU got it right... "MY taste of Freedom" is within lip licking!

    Mellie I jsut love you have always been for right on to me and very down to earth here. I too have declined the other online venues like facebook...I spend the time I wish to spend talking about my equine love here and others may see me in person for the rest of the life story! or email me!
    Thanks for being my sweet Blogger friend mellie..I do wish to ride with you someday!

    Jrosey Thanks sweet horselover!

    Oneredhorse oh! I was thinking that your eyes were diolated or something...just green envy. well...I do not have a truck she shall sit for a time..or I may rent a truck till mine can be arranged!

    O Equestrian thanks!

    Jules...well..we are both in the same truck as yet, so hummm!

    JANE Thanks dear be careful in the thunders...scarey

  11. How cool!!! Congrats, its a beautiful trailer.

  12. YEA!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! This means you'll be riding even more at so many different places than before! Happy trails in your new trailer!


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