Friday, June 12, 2009

Trail delights

The mare was somewhat Pensive starting out.for a walking ride yesterday.. Her leg looked 95 % better and I wanted to connect with her alone in the woods...but did noit want to ask her to do anything slippery or steep or too uneven with the past events.

There is a trail, right across the street, that cuts down to the gate entrance to some of our trails. I went over to it and she just balked like fact, it was very pissy and not safe how she went about it= on the road. Good thing it is a no-through road and visibility is HIGH!
She would go up to the trail and give me the stink-eye look and quickly back down the embankment. It made me very nervous after her falling on me. I waved my crop and that did get her attention yet, she persisted. I dismounted, giving her the benefit of the doubt since the terrain WAS disturbed by the road cutter machine that came through and hashed all the trees and bushes back earlier that week. maybe there was a hidden spiky branch or glass or? I looked and cleared all debris...nothing dangerous..but now that I was off...I gave her a small tap of the crop in the rear end as I asked her to go forward with me into the trail where I saw a stump to mount again.

We headed a new direction and it brought us to very new sights this day.

These new trails... are on a map that my PBO gave to me when I came there to board.
It is 4 pages long and goes all the way to a place the long distance riders like to endurance train to called "Goat Mountain". With a name like that..I may need a goat to ride there..and not this mare! We shall see.
These cliffs were so cool(above) they were huge and I took a photo from the base with the mare's ears and then another from half way up the first shot to show how tall it was...Soo very cool! Climbers would be delighted to see this.

Then, along the path there were ripening "Salmon Berries" all over and we did sample them a few times..thinking that, with each bite they would have more flavor...NOPE...they are like diet keep taking a bite of more..not feeling guilty, but also NOT getting any satisfaction from the taste!
They were awfully pretty and very Orange. They must hold some nutritional value for the animals that eat them as they ripen..cause this human and my horse did not find them all that appealing..she ate 3 and refused the 4th.

Al in all it was a nice ride..though she really was sweating this time..first time this spring that she has even gotten hot and I think it may be her drugs or something..we only walked and it was not hot out..a bit sultry, maybe. I really wanted to find a loop and did not bring the I headed up one trail thinking it would loop[ and it was ultra a creek bed. I did not put the mare's hoof boots on so I made a deal with her...if it did not pan out to be a loop..I would dismount and she would not have to walk down the rooks with me on board.
I did end up turning around and kept my promise.

When I returned to the stable..yep It was a large loop..and it actually connects with the road to Goat Mountain! So I now have two ways of traveling to my summers destination!
I need a GPS though... maybe for my B-day?

Hope you all have a fab catching up with you all soon.


  1. Hi
    Happy weekend to you .
    Wow those are some sweet looking berries not to have a sugary sweet flavor.
    Anyway I love the beautiful photos you shared .
    What a gorgeous view ,talking Horse here not just the pretty path :)
    Take care of yourself .
    Hope you get that GPS .
    When is your Birthday ?
    I will start now wishing happy thoughts and lots of good wishes
    for you .
    Have a great Saturday.
    Happy Trails

  2. what a pretty spot you found!

    mmm i miss salmonberries!


  3. Sound like things were OK once you got her started. Hope she continues to feel better!

  4. Hi Kac,
    Man you are one brave cowgirl! Glad Wa is doing better! Amazing shots! Never heard of salmonberries? Luanne

  5. WOW! That cliff is SOOOO amazing! I want to come to PNW in the summer sometime, methinks your winters would KILL me. Grew up in that sub-degree cold in OHIO on a farm as the oldest of three. Guess who FROZE 2-3 x per day? I just detested the cold after that! Anyway, I am envious of the LUSH riding views that you have, I try to find beauty here, but it is of a much different type. Not bad, just South Texas! Hard to explain. But let me put it this way, I rode in 103 degree heat yesterday! EGADS! That is really the hottest it has gotten, we get some quite temperate days in the high 80's and if you start out early and ride into the heat it makes it bearable. You CANNOT just go mount your horse in the heat of the day unless you start out and go INTO it. Weird, but maybe you don't notice as much b/c you are doing what you LOVE????

  6. What an unusual place to ride. That goat mountain was quite impressive. Maybe Wa blacked 'cause she thought you might expect her to be a goat and climb up there. hehehe!

    I wonder what salman berries taste like?


  7. Kacy-
    Boy have I missed alot lately! I am glad to see that WA mare is alright? Kind of scary, eh?

    Our horses LOVE salmon berries and devour the whole plant...leaves, stems, berries and all. Too funny!
    They are still pretty sour though, and I agree with you about the taste. In another couple of weeks they ought to be just right though, Eat the dark red ones, and I am sure that you will find them to your liking. :)

  8. What a pretty place. Great find!! I have never heard of a salmonberry before, very interesting.

    Glad Wa is feeling better!

  9. So glad Wa is better and able to go out. You do take the greatest trail rides!

  10. Good to hear Wa is doing better...I logged on the other day and read everything that has happened...geez good to hear things are on the mend. Looking forward to getting home...miss everyone...miss my girl. Looking forward to getting back in the saddle. When is your birthday??

  11. as usual....your pictures take the cake! I've been reading a long as usual, lol, though I miss talkin! I'm glad Wa's leg is better...I'm glad your taking it careful, I bet as you continue into your normal routine she'll be back to her old Wa self! I'm keeping my eye on you!!!!! LOL Lots of Love..and prayers for safe and happy trails!

  12. For what started out as an iffy ride you seemed to have turned it into a good time. I give you credit, I would have been hopelessly lost even with a map. I never saw those kind of berries before, guess they're not the best tasting though. Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed yourself.


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