Thursday, December 31, 2009

Steadfast into the New Year

With the New Year knocking on the door of the current day; excitement and anticipation surround us.... just as the fog does hang, in the photo above.
I can't help but say it represents a looming feeling of fear or maybe dread..change and the unknown are afoot.
When I came upon this Lamp Post in the midst of a dence fog, I was surprised by it's warm glow, in an almost Black and White setting. Immediately, I thought of little LUCY from "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" from the Chronicles of Narnia series that C.S. Lewis wrote.
LUCY, upon entering a rather large Wardrobe, was immediately comforted by it's contents of soft furs and the close surroundings. As she did go further into the furnishings inners, she came upon a second row of furs. Suddenly as that happened ,a crunching under her feet she did feel. Then the wispy, spiky touch of branches upon her cheek...she had entered a new time and place. She Noticed as well, there was "OTHER LIGHT".

" LUCY felt a little frightened but she felt very inquisitive and excited as well".
She ventured toward the "OTHER LIGHT".
 "( she had of course, left the door open for she knew that it is a silly thing to shut oneself into a wardrobe")
She also thought, " I can always get back if anything goes wrong".
I find that I can be like Lucy- with the immediate future looming. I have certain securities at hand yet I also have a fear for the unknown and the certain change that is coming.

The future is the "OTHER LIGHT" and the wardrobe stands steadfast as my known truths of
"Faith, Hope and Love" as Corinthians 1 13:13 describes as true certainties. LOVE being the greatest.
Having my heart concede the great love it holds for all that I have been given and those that trust me-I will step into the next~ BOLDLY SO~ In the faith and hope, God does also give!

Thanks for the enduring friendship here, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Striding together with you!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keep to the sunny spots

Frosty cold in the shade spots.....

Happy and warm in the sunny areas...allowing me to wave to my friends here in bloggerville!
Then shade once again...and looking AGAIN towards the sunny spots!

It seems that my riding times are much like my attitude too....mostly shady at present...with sun spots and glimmers of hope... just the pre- January blues.

HANG IN ....I know I am NOT alone and we will prevail through the downer times!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weekend Reflections

While visiting a local park, I spied this tree in a parking lot water puddle. It was not till after viewed the captured shot, that I noticed the pavement's veneer with rocks and leaves, appeared to be stars in the scene's appearance!
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Shadow Shot Sunday

 Just outside my neighborhood and the first leg of the journey to the stable this morning, I spied this fabulous house. Still decked in its Christmas suit...with a dash of flare ...!!

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Sunday Stills Odds and Ends

Todays challenge for Sunday Stills- was very easy for me...I sit in a room FILLED with them!!!
We don't just have  a drawer full...we have a room full. 
Enjoy the views....I sat and spun my desk's chair to see all of these things, without even standing up!









Our host  for Sundays Stills is ED PRESCOT'S~ It is his  idea~
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas stylin'

My mare's first mother knows how to keep the her in style! Last year for Christmas, Wa got this very awesome bridle from my sissy. (Wa mare's first mom) It is deep chocolate brown with a nice white liner on brow band and nose .

This year, I was thrilled with what she chose for us(her) to have as a gift!!
A Rambo Newmarket Quarter Sheet! YEA- I love it...she tried to buck it off at first...but actually, being cooped up for a week, and unridden for almost 2 weeks...she was stretching and the Sheet went to the wind in the exercise!

I do believe we shall stand out a bit better for hunting season next year as well!

It must have felt so good to move...she really kept her head this way,
Sometimes lower.....

stretching her back the entire time.
Good on you seem to be traveling better and your therapist will come see you soon too!

Hope all your Christmas wishes came true too!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nickering Greetings

With the season underway with it's weather outside, and traditions inside...The mare and I would love to send some Friendly Nickers your way~ for  times to remember, and become enduring to your heart this Holyseason.
 You all have made our spirits bright with the courage, I read often about. The lovingkindnesses you have toward the animal kingdom and human relations both.
I gain much here, from you all....the great horsesence and friendships I gleen= are tremendous!
As Always
KacyK w/ Washashe Mare~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sepia Scenes Passion

For Her: The view from the Equines ears!

For Him: Orchestra drumset!

Have A very Sepia Christmas All!
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A pretty smattering

I was very surprised yesterday while at the was raining , very hard and grey. The mare was on stall rest  still. I was flitting about and realized...I do NOT hear the rain on the roof anymore.
I came out to see.....the horses looking on big ol' FLUFFY FLAKES OF SNOW!
I loved how they were captivated by it's silent- stilling- effect on the world they live in.

They pondered it some...then decided to meet over the gate between their paddocks~

Hiya my about a bit of a taste now....

After a bit..they returned to the stall for another bite of hay or two...I also went back in to do some chores...but had to catch them one more time...looking on~

The mare was wondering WHAT?!!

I simply agreed to leave them in the peace of the Silent stillness of snow~

With a touch of His hand, God took a gloomy day of wet...and made it glorious and new; refreshed in a white robe!

My Way

Last year, After my husband retired his shears to pick up a stethoscope.

  I decorated my salon space MY WAY(click to see how). I did honor him by finding a cowboy Nutcracker!
As I shopped for a friend at our local GALLOPS SADDLERY I planned on getting 1 ornament for my salon..this is it.

How do you decorate your favorite work spaces...or do you?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Macro Monday My Hunt Collection

Before I owned my Mare Washashe, I  dreampt of horses and riding again.
 My husband and I love to antique shop and around Oregon city , Auroa Colony, and Old Town Sellwood, there are fabulous places to Antique.
I am ALWAYS on the lookout for Equestrain are some of the plates, cups, urns and boxes I have collected over the years.
They all reside in and around my dresser, mostly holding my jewelry

The above is my favorite mug!

Sometimes, a cup will have a cute little pic on the inside as well~
like little foxie here.

This little porcelain pill box is only about an inch across

And it has nice details of fox and hound on the small sides

Now these below are.......... NOT MACRO shots..........
just could not leave them out as they are a central part of my Collection, residing over the fireplace mantel in our bedroom.

But the last is one of the plates full of some holiday pins and husbands favorite bunny!
The huntsman of the plate, have to share the space!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Making Mare Well

Yesterday the mare was full of herself...even with her heal injury ailing her. I have determined that after much pushing and squeezing and prodding...she really can't stand me to put any pressure on her left hind heal-though there is no skin eruption...must be a deep bruising.
I have requested a small grassy paddock for her healing there she was-
I wanted her to face me and then come to me, and she kept turning to walk away. I persisted by patty my leg and looking at her hind -intently..she suddenly reared straight up on her hinds and pawed the air..I cracked up loudly so... she then walked over to me. Quite the display there Wa mare!
My next move was today....
1) Arnica in Oats ( oats make anything go down readily)
2) Epsom Salt Soak
3) Wonder wrap Poultice for her heal (calm coat makes it)
I soaked, then put 1/2 inch poultice of herbs in a gauze...duct taped it to her hoof and put a "Soft Shoe" bootie on her.( Cashel Co. used to make them)
Leave it over night...return in the morning!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunday Stills Festive Holiday sights

Festive sights and lights and sounds are about us is so pretty to drive different routes homeward in the evening.

These lit lollipops are so sweet looking...I have never seen anything like them around town...just one Victorian Home in Oregon City I have seen, has them lining the walkway to the steps.
Though I have them here on one side..they actually are on both...very Cute and I bet ya-children want to stop there!

Have a grand day today, as you take in all the sights and sounds in your towns...and also the ones here!
To see so much more of them please see ED'S -Sunday Stills page- by CLICKING the TITLE!
Merry Christmas everyone!

SCENIC SUNDAY with ice waters

This is Clear Creek...which is actually looking pretty frosty now!
Look behind the creek below to see a veil of Ice, pouring over the banks

The Icicle veil was an astounding 5 to 6 feet tall and close to 100 feet across the hillside!

It is a beautiful sight of this creek, which  is all around me in my horsey life where I comes down the mountains above my barn and goes through most of the valleys...We cross it, on most of our rides, where ever we go!

It appears very serene, in places~
For now, the mare and I just  look upon it- without crossing.

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