Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keep to the sunny spots

Frosty cold in the shade spots.....

Happy and warm in the sunny areas...allowing me to wave to my friends here in bloggerville!
Then shade once again...and looking AGAIN towards the sunny spots!

It seems that my riding times are much like my attitude too....mostly shady at present...with sun spots and glimmers of hope... just the pre- January blues.

HANG IN ....I know I am NOT alone and we will prevail through the downer times!


  1. The winter blues are upon us... I have them too. Keep looking for those sunny spots both on the trail and in life.

  2. Keep heading into those sunny spots!! And no you are not alone, the January blahs are a common occurnce in my neck of the woods as well.

  3. TOTALLY January blah around here! I'm already looking forward to Spring, but we have a ways to go! Keep your spirits up though...and soon you will have a fun package arriving to lift your spirits!

  4. What do they call that? Horror frost? Devils frost?

  5. Beautiful pictures, hang in there. Spring is just a season away.

    To Sydney: This is just frost. Check my website I have two postings or more on hoarfrost or rabbit frost.

  6. I love seeing nature through horse's ears. Beautiful photos. I just always wish I was there.

  7. Love the shadow wave! Enjoy the frosty weather with you best friend.

  8. it always heps to have a goal, a destination i mind. i don't have one now, and it sucks. back home i always had them: endurance race dates! but now,....hm.

    oh well, i'll find something to put a mark on my calendar for.

    hug the gorgeous wa for me


  9. Sometimes the shade makes us appreciate the sun all the more. Wishing you all the best in 2010 (and many sunny patches).

  10. When the dark period closes in on us I feel like someone has poured syrup in the system.
    Everything feels a bit heavier somehow.

    I am so happy when the snow comes because it lights up everything.
    I can have wonderful evening rides even if it is dark, and we can work the horses without problems. So right now my spirits are much higher than they were in November when it was raining day after day.

    All the best wishes for the New Year to you and Wa, and may there be MANY sunny spots, with or without snow!

  11. I have the winter blues too...ridden twice in two weeks...need more horsey time I think:-) Miss ya girl.


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