Saturday, December 19, 2009

SCENIC SUNDAY with ice waters

This is Clear Creek...which is actually looking pretty frosty now!
Look behind the creek below to see a veil of Ice, pouring over the banks

The Icicle veil was an astounding 5 to 6 feet tall and close to 100 feet across the hillside!

It is a beautiful sight of this creek, which  is all around me in my horsey life where I comes down the mountains above my barn and goes through most of the valleys...We cross it, on most of our rides, where ever we go!

It appears very serene, in places~
For now, the mare and I just  look upon it- without crossing.

This gorgeous MEME is fantastic...please join in, like me! Click the title to find so many other's Scenic views today.


  1. Happy camera critters please view my very first entry!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Kac! Makes me the teensi-est homesick for Alaska, only it wouldn't be so green and the evergreens would look like scrubby little pipe cleaners!

  3. Very scenic indeed! You're so lucky to have such beautiful places to ride and view. I can only imagine how magical the creek sounds as it gurgles and burbles and rushes over rocks downstream. So pretty!

    Happy Holidays to you!


    word verification: sureen

    Sort of like serene, too. hehe!

  4. Great shots! How is your horse doing today?

  5. COOL photos! I love the icicle veil. Very pretty capture.

  6. The frozen water fall is stunning. I love the other photos too. It is great you are close to such beauty.
    Merry Christmas

  7. thanks for sharing! these are absolutely gorgeous...I made the creek pic my screensaver - did you take these pics? if so, you are very talented with your camera

  8. Those are some amazing pictures, thanks for sharing!

  9. I must go on a ride with you! You are blessed to have such a beautiful place to ride and photograph. Your own little piece of heaven on earth. The ice veil is stunningly beautiful. I can't even imagine what up close and personal would be like.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your kind words are much appreciated. Thanks for sharing you love for the Lord with me.

  10. Love those winter shots. Ice and running water incorporated in a scenic shot are always winning elements.


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