Saturday, December 5, 2009

5 on the 5th a random photo display

This fun is sponsored by Stephen. Click the title to go around to others random 5 shots on this 5th day of DECEMBER~

Horse hoof trimming day~

Hummer outside our house with Christmas lights behind~

Long gone bees, like summer!

My first pony!~

Trail horse Silhouette~


  1. EXCELLENT shots KK! Love that first one- I cant imagine what position you had to contort yourself into to get it!

  2. Very cool!

  3. Hahaha Mrs. M! I love the fact you like that fitting!Thanks!

  4. Great photos, LOVE the one of your first pony....awwww how cute!

  5. The pic of you w/ your first pony is so adorable! :o LOVE it! Love them all. What a fun post idea.

  6. As always, I love your pics Kacy!

    That hummingbird should have already flown south for the winter. I'm worried about the poor dear with our current local temps!

    I have been a bad friend and haven't replied to your last email. I will do so by the weekend!


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