Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nice riding your horse!

Diesel  is a fine animal and such a kind horse. I have watched him for years and have seen him take care of many riders.
I had the privilege of using him in my last lesson. I had ridden him once before with very frustrating results...I was tossed up with his bounding trot gate and would loose my stirrups. So, this day I was looking forward to not only mastering his trot but learning about my own riding ability with another horse. Having an over sensitive mare -and one that dislikes the arena- leaves one longing to know >>can I ride really?
I LOVED my lesson. I learned so much about my self and why I was being tossed up in the trot Diesel has...I was helping him by standing up in the stirrups to post.
My instructor had me stop...take my feet out of the stirrups as she cupped my soles with her hand. She then asked me to roll forward, keeping the rest of my posture the same...she made me aware of how much clearance I had from the cantle and said, " this is how I wish you to post when you begin again...just roll forward, as he propels you from the saddle".
OH MY!...I felt my ankle supple and bend and the weight of my heal go down...I had the feel of my foot in the stirrup. !!!
 She resounded a few Yessses! And we were onto the next issues (his thankfully).
Michelle, My horsey blogger friend, also took another lesson and she EARNED the INTREPID RIDERS FACTION Award   for being a trooper!!! It was the beginning of our Freeze -Out weather...and the Wind was howling...but there she was...having her second Dressage lesson!!!

I really felt amazingly TALL and flexible after getting off Diesel! WOW...riding got to feeling even better with the correct position! THANKS FOR THAT  Lesson Diesel !

Sockshot with the Paint horse time, I shall have someone take a pic of us...which is this weekend, If I decide not to take my mare for the ride.
Be well and of a merry and light heart my friends!


  1. Sounds like great feelings! And nice pics!

  2. Wonderful feelings, and good lessons! Love the shot of your socks and his legs - it could be a whole new category of horse photos!

  3. Wow! I will have to try that next time I ride Gil and see if it helps me with his BIG trot! Great pictures, love the stripy socks! LOL
    Your banner looks good with all your Christmasy decorations. You are much tougher than me, I don't ride in the cold, cold weather anymore, I freeze! Maybe I should get all the cold weather gear you showed in another post, then maybe I could take it!
    warm hugs to you!

  4. I love riding moments like that.

  5. Another great post - and those socks! Very festive! you have the best photos on your blog! :D I too am grateful for the return of rain!

  6. Is that Trainer Cathi all bundled up? She's amazing, isn't she?!
    The socks were a great aid, too, I'm sure.
    Whole new perspective on posting when you learn it's just a small movement, not a major leap from the saddle.
    Yay for riding lessons!!

  7. I completely love the shot of your legs and Diesel's legs. Too cute. Glad you had a breakthrough lesson. That always feels so good!


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