Saturday, December 12, 2009

Camera Critters Hummingbirds

Here is the freezing weather solution to our resident Hummingbirds food..
It will freeze, unless we keep a lightbulb on it.

So I bundle up and go out at SUNUP...not a minute past, and one or more
show up to get warm and eat a little carbohydrate mixture!

Hummers are VERY territorial birds and this did NOT happen but twice....
"Ruby" is an Anna's Hummer...and he has a flaming red head...I am unable to tell from this pic which he is since it was still pretty dark. Taking photo's in dark and with the lightbulb brightness facing the lens-makes for weird conditions!
I turned around to see our little Manx  Elsie cat, enjoying the show as well!

Here he is, as the sun rose higher, I could get a bit better photo.

Drink up little hummer!

I have found a neat Web site on Hummers with videos and facts HERE how to enjoy hummingbirds

PLEASE DO CLICK the TITLE and see many others wonderful camera critters!


  1. Hummers are always so much fun to watch & you really captured some great shots of them - They're hard to photograph cuz they're soooo fast! But you got em! Very cool!
    I think Elsie may be wanting to sink a tooth in one of those hummers! heheheee

  2. Wow, your hummers are still hanging around. It is great that you are able to keep the mixture from freezing. Cool photos!

  3. OK OK I am very impressed that you captured these shots! And to put out a light bulb....

  4. Those are certainly a wonderful bird and so fun to watch.

  5. I love hummingbirds! Great pictures capturing his wings going so fast!!!

  6. Very, very cool :) Love th epics and the lightbulb idea!

  7. You are very dedicated to your humming birds! They are lucky to have you. Beautiful pics.

  8. How did you ever do that? You really are talented (and dedicated to your hummers!) Well done!

  9. Well, thanks every one! This is a
    3rd or 4th generation of hummers we have had during the winter...a female, we named "Snowflake" for the white spot she had on her breat, was the first...she would almost sit on my finger...I think one of these, the one that allows me to get so close, may be her offspring.He nests in the Holly tree across the street.

    I hope to have him sit on my finger to drink nectar soon!

  10. I am shocked that your hummers don't migrate to warmer climates in the winter. wow! You are their lifeline, Kacy. Good for you making sure they have the warm food.

    Amazing photos, to be sure. They move so fast and are so difficult to photograph. I love seeing pics of Elsie Boo, too!


    word verif.: flumpa

    What I do after coming inside from doing barn chores. lol!

  11. Kacy such awesome photos and you are SOOOOO sweet to keep the food warm for that hummingbird. What a sweetie! I am finally moved in and recuperating the last day or so. *sigh* Hope all has been well! I am going out Saturday to see Cimara again but this time with their trainer! :)


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