Friday, December 18, 2009

A serious hitch in her giddyup

Darn it all, I feel so badly for my mare today...I have not been able to come out since Monday and I fear this was occurring to her, even then. IN fact, Last Friday my sissy and my Must ride Mondays friend and I took the horses to one of the arena's we go to was very cold, but we were dressed right. The mare acted out pretty badly.. and we did notice her being a bit off...but we lunged her and she came good again-it seemed.
Now, I am rethinking it all, over and over..when and what has happened?!
She is very off in her left rear...sometimes not allowing her heal to swelling anywhere and only minimal heat. A bit squishy in the pastern near her fetlock.
I cold hosed her, massaged her. Found that her left hip is very sore too.I gave her 2 grams of Bute. Then I wrapped her in standing wraps for the night, as she is favoring it and not loading it.
I am waiting to hear from my therapist..but may take her to the vet when they open again.I have never had her lame before-in the four years I have been with her...tis a bit scary.
Shoot up a prayer for my mare would ya's?!
Keep ya posted~
I must be having sympathy elbow is soo sore I could not even lift a glass last night to sip wine!


  1. Prayer sent upwards for you and Wa.
    I've never had Jackson go lame in 3+ years either. He is Mr. Surefooted (and barefoot!). Let's just hope she did a funny jump or leap while playing and has a little pulled muscle. Sounds like you are doing all the correct things! I'll be thinking of you Kac!

  2. Best of luck - whatever it is it is likely to heal with time - horses are very resilient!

  3. Prayers on the way. Gosh I hope things turn out good.

  4. Hoping and prayer here for Wa. She is a sweetie and I hope she is feeling better soon!

  5. Prayers out and fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!!

  6. Prayers for her. Keep us posted! Our animals are so loyal and try for us - I always want the best for them.

  7. Kacy, so sorry Wa mare is hurting! Will send up prayers and good vibes for her and YOU! Hope it's nothing serious, maybe her back is out....happens to me all the time! :-(

    Gilly pulled his stifle back when he was two; couldn't walk. Cold weather, couldn't get him to the barn from up on the hill, he found some mud and laid in it. Put a cold compress on it....he healed himself. Do horses know something we don't?

    Both of you get better!!!

  8. Aww poor girly! Hope shes alright.

  9. Oh Wa, what have you done to yourself? Poor girl! I agree, it sounds like she stretched or pulled something, maybe slipped... all things that will heal with time.

  10. Hope it's nothing more than a hip adjustment. Sending healing thoughts.

  11. Hope your mare will get batter soon. My boy is little under the weather as well. Hip problems. He pulled his muscle and now it's all swollen and tender. He has physio appt. tomorrow and is not Bute as well...

  12. Sorry your good mare is not doing so good. Is it possible with the weather like its been that she could have twisted or sprained something? John's mare had that happen 2 winters ago. We kept her stalled for about a week & she was fine. Dang weather causes such havoc on the beasts!

  13. Oh no, dear Wa! I hope she's feeling better today. Thinking of you both!


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