Monday, December 21, 2009

Macro Monday My Hunt Collection

Before I owned my Mare Washashe, I  dreampt of horses and riding again.
 My husband and I love to antique shop and around Oregon city , Auroa Colony, and Old Town Sellwood, there are fabulous places to Antique.
I am ALWAYS on the lookout for Equestrain are some of the plates, cups, urns and boxes I have collected over the years.
They all reside in and around my dresser, mostly holding my jewelry

The above is my favorite mug!

Sometimes, a cup will have a cute little pic on the inside as well~
like little foxie here.

This little porcelain pill box is only about an inch across

And it has nice details of fox and hound on the small sides

Now these below are.......... NOT MACRO shots..........
just could not leave them out as they are a central part of my Collection, residing over the fireplace mantel in our bedroom.

But the last is one of the plates full of some holiday pins and husbands favorite bunny!
The huntsman of the plate, have to share the space!

ENJOY so many others MACRO shots today by clicking the TITLE and visiting is his fun MEME!


  1. Gosh, if we exchanged gifts, I'd know exactly what to get you! Your collection is SO NEAT! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Wow! Such an impressive and lovely collection. I've never seen such a variety of vintage hunt related items. Good for you in your antiquing ventures!

    Great pics, too, my friend!

    Merry Christmas to you!


  3. I do the same thing when shopping. Your collection is beautiful I don't think I can even pick out my favorite piece. But that painting is amazing.

  4. Awesome I love old antique horse stuff. My uncle had an antique shop and used to give me all sorts of horsey antiques.

  5. ah, why didn't we stop by your home when we visited? i would have loved to see all this horse stuff, i think i would have gone into a bliss zone!

    that one with the ribbon wrapped around the girl and through two horses'halters, my goodness. accident waiting to happen. i can't stand it!

    but my fave is the crabtree and evelyn. you can guess why.


  6. Catching up with your blog! SO, so glad Wa is feeling so much better!!! I knew she would get better quick! If I don't talk to you before I leave for California have A WONDERFUL holiday! Both you and your hubby. Thank you for being my wonderful horsey friend...heck friend altogether. You have been a blessing in my life!


    Lots of love and hugs..

    Michelle and the kitties :)

  7. Most superbly excellent my friend! What a great little collection you have there! Perhaps giving me an idea of something antiquey I would like to collect!! I'm not a collector, and frankly, with kids, dogs, cats, etc. there is a reason, but I really like your pieces! No reason I can't have a few right? :) Love the header BTW. Looks like my house! HA HA! Dream house that is!!!

  8. You have a lovely horsey collection. And the bunny is adorable!!!! Hope you and Wa and your husband have a happy and joyful holiday. Thanks for sharing your part of the world with me. I love seeing your trail rides in pictures. It is so different than our Pennsylvania trail rides.

  9. Love your collection! I have a few horse antiques, but don't need to add to my clutter of miscellaneous collections.

    Love poking through The Old Grey Mare booth at The Country Classic. With great difficulty I passed on a couple of old pictures at the spring Canby Tack Sale.

    Happy equestrian antique shopping!


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