Friday, December 4, 2009

Sky Watch

Walked out the door this Morning to check on the Hummingbird feeder. I was afraid it may have frozen overnight....There our friendly bird sat, up towards the early morning hazy skies.
I turned around to see-something else sitting in the top branches of the trees, as well!

Thanks for joining me today for the SKY VIEWS...Please click the title to visit others sky shots today!


  1. The first picture is really fantastic, love the silhouette from the bird.

  2. Beautiful pictures - as always!
    I love your new header photo, and the way Wa has her eye on the photographer.
    "Ready soon?"

  3. You always take such beautiful pictures. Love the bird and the skies in these pictures.

  4. Such a lovely sky! So nice to see the hummingbird, too. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

  5. Great sky photos, love the bird shot, and the moon with your perspective.

  6. I assumed it was too cold for hummingbirds to be hangin' out this time of year. We had to take our feeder down so the four storms we've had wouldn't break it. The wind blew it so hard that it blew all of the nectar out of it anyway. Love your hummingbird and your moon pic! Wow! Two great captures in one photo shoot!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your really nice comment on my sunrise pics...I appreciate it!

  7. That bird is quite cute. We call them nut hatches.


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