Thursday, December 17, 2009

Now that is more like it! ones for Christmas(early prezzie to me-from me!)
These have padded soles and keep my feet snugly in the boots!

 I was sooo happy to see our Oregon rain again...though I did not call ahead to my PBO in time to have her remove my festive Christmastime blanket...ooouuu, she even apologized for it's appearance due to the fact she allowed my mare in the dry lot for a spell...dry lot =means MUDD LOT for wintertime! She never goes there and I have requested she NEVER go there again!

Took me hours to get the encrusted mud form the blanket and the parts of the visible horse OFF!

I love these MUD MITTS....I used both for the double duty clean up!

I am a true Oregonian- Rain -spaim..I will take it over freezing and ice any day!


  1. Oh, Kacy so sorry about your muddy blanket but I have to laugh at the muddy mare! LOL Gilly LOVES to get coated with mud, I sure don't love it! I have to scrap and chip away the mud, don't want any rain rot again! All I can say is it must feel heavenly for horses since they all seem to adore getting slathered in mud!
    Love the new socks, where ever did you get them? I love warm socks!!! :-)

  2. I have never been able to keep a blanket clean for long. They just seem to want to act like horses with or without them. Great socks.

  3. Ooh! I NEED those socks! Where did you order them from? I love fun socks...even better fun equine related socks. ;) I'm with you...I was very glad to see the rain come after a treacherous commute on Monday a.m. P.S. Wa looks like Caspian...I call him "Pig Pen" in the winter. As soon as the rain lets up he's out rolling wherever he can. Part pig, that horse.

  4. LOL.....I love the 'dreadlocks'. He/she will fit in perfectly with today's 'look'. :)

  5. I went out to feed yesterday, and my Prissy mare was a CAKE OF MUD! I am fighting a sinus infection and cold, and I had to brush her out! IT was caked on her. I don't like them to be wet, so when they dry, I brush them out so they can re insulate themselves. She had mud dreds toO! WHAT A MESS! My other mare that is a total tomboy and usually the one that does this, was nice and clean! LOL Go figure!

  6. wow - that is lot's of mud! I guess I am a true Canadian - Manitoban - I'd take freezing temperatures and fluffy clean coats over the

    just wondering how long it took you to do the mud-damage control? :o)

  7. LOVE the socks!
    i'm glad Phantom's new turnout sheet is all one piece from ears to tail. Still...he manages to coat exposed areas with mud.
    Rain and mud I can deal with. Ice -- nope.

  8. Love the SOCKS!!!

    My mares typically avoid anything wet but mud isn't wet I guess !

    Rosie is the one who loves tho grind into her mane and forelock... keep in mind both are super long... lots of work.

  9. Jane dear! Well...I inly do not like it cause it causes me pain to use my arms in soo much brushing(I'm selfish) But I do love to see her rolling,\,so good for them to self adjust themselves and she always gets up and runs and rears up like a wild horse!

    The SOCKS are from Horsewears and I found them locally, at a place called "Gallops Saddlery"

    Lori~ Yea...I never expect her to be she is so good to roll and have fun...but this particular blanket and field..were never meant to meet!

    Jrosey! so good to see you will come over and catch up soon!! Tell me what color you like and I will pick some of those socks up for ya's! Yea loved the Horsewear name on them too!
    My mare is mrs. Piggy to go along with your Mr. Piggy. She love her mudd mascara and eyeliner of natural brown!

    Lucy~ yea...was a bit shocked at how trendy she became with her do!

    Mrscravitz~ Funny how those two reversed demeanors!haha!Yea...if she was unblanketed...I'd be in a pickle..all her hair would come off...that mudd was like cement!
    Sorry you had to do the work while feeling low!

    Petra~ Too blsame cut into my riding time by an hour 1/2!!! Yea...I would not mind the Freezing...but..makes me nervous about water consumption and colic...being cooped up no turn out..that kinda thing here...we are not equip...but WHEN i have my own place...MAN..gonna do it right..being prepared for it all!

    Oregon Equestrian~ Am with you...rain and mudd okay!

    Jeni Q~Yea Rosey and Wa mare...face plants are the best for the effect of changing ones appearance!

  10. Those mud mitts are very cool! And the socks? Lookin' good, my friend! So bright and cheerful.
    And I am digging your new header, too.


  11. After a bit of work *wash* the blanket will match the socks,eh? I have one of those mitts too--one side with nubs for major body work, and the other side with taller thinner rubber comb thingies (?) for legs and tender spots. I couldn't live without it! I use it in place of a curry comb as it fits over my hand much better, and then brush over my curry job with the finishing brush! The funny thing: I originally bought the brush for the dog!

  12. Great socks, merry Christmas to you.

    Now she's a mess, I hate getting mud off horses and blankets!


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