Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winterwear -head to toes-

The mare and I have our winterwear suits...these have been aquired over the last 4 years and have been tested- repeatedly so!

My headwear

I could be a spokeswoman for the companies represented here!

The mare and I head out...and need to do some trail clearing~

I have my pefectly warm hands to perform with!

Pensive mare~

My F.I.T.S. Keep me HAPPY!

I would not venture out in the cold now, without these on!
They have been a MUST and one of the BEST purchases I have made.

This is a good product by "Cashel "

For the stirrup or the glove~

Mission accomplished, we then return home for comforts of sustinance, by mouth!

Tell me of your YOUR winter fighting gear!


  1. Great product reviews! Thanks!

  2. Nice post, but I have to tell you that I can hardly read the text over the photos as it fades into the background.

    You sure look set for the cold weather.

  3. I love Mountain Horse products! I have two pairs of the Rimfrost Rider paddock boots that I wear everyday. The only problem is that, since they are designed for riding, they have little traction on the snow and ice.

    I also have the polar breeches and it has been cold enough to wear them several times.

    I agree with Lori. The writing over the pics kinda faded and was difficult to read in some places. But a good post otherwise.

  4. You guys certainly are prepared for the cold! I must admit to wimping out during much of the cold season and staying in the nice warm indoor...

  5. i'm totally a mountain horse and handwarmer type.. also my cabelas.. one piece outfit... i am toasty tho today i've done a snow hike with the dog rather than a ride since it's snowing and windchills are -10

    back to it tomorrow

  6. Looks like you have the perfect gear!

  7. Bundled! Lots of good products but as I am going thru the list I found I don't own even one of them! For boots..Tuffa, for breeches..Irrideon stirrup quarter sheet. Looks like I have stuff to ad to my x-mas list!

  8. Oh, Kacy....NICE winter gear!!! I love Mountain Horse stuff, I only have the gloves and am really, really wanting the boots like you have. I have looked and looked but haven't gotten them yet. I too am a wimp, like Stephanie said, when it comes to cold weather. My hubby said, "Why would you need those, you don't go riding when it really cold?" Guess he's right, but still, I love them. Gilly doesn't need a blanket, he is soooo wooly...LOL I got his new bitless noseband the other day. I tried it on him but haven't ridden yet. Will post about it when I do. I think I am liking it better than the Dr. Cook's bridle. Will see!
    Great informative post!!

  9. I love Kerrits polarfleece tights for winter--sometimes with silk or polypro long underwear.

    Thorlo winter hiking socks = the best!

    Helly Hansen waterproof/breathable/thinsulate jacket with silk turtleneck long underwear base layer and polarfleece mid-layer for the top.

    Here in the Swamp, our cold weather clothes must deal with water as well, and I haven't been as happy with Mountain Horse for that. Haven't tried it in a few years, though--perhaps that company has improved?

    I've been contemplating the stirrup enclosures--good to hear that they work!

    Thanks for the product review.

    Great photos, you even LOOK warm!

  10. The last time I rode in the winter ended not so good. My normally non-spooky mare was very reactive, so I doubt I will be trying that again for a long time.

    That being said, you are very generous to share your favorite warm weather gear. They look comfy and warm. I will have to check out Mountain Horse. You should be their spokesperson.


    I like your new header, too. Wa looks great in her bitless bridle. How's it working out?

  11. Oh, man! Your gear puts mine to shame and I'm in the tundra!

    For barn chores, I have bib coveralls and a carhardt coat I got at TSC. But way too bulky to ride in. For riding, I have fleece kerrits, half chaps & boots with warmers. I wear underarmour and silk long johns for maximum cold from Cabelas.

    But mostly. I just stay inside and whine! LOL. Its very cold today and snowing....

  12. Oh! And I have the stirrup covers, but I bought the wrong size. I have endurance stirupps and these are for western and english stirrups, so I've not been able to use them. Bummer.


  13. Cool!!! I got some great ideas for alternative warm gear from you all!I do love choices!
    So sorrynfor the hard to read mistake for trying to do somthin' different!
    Ride on for those who do..and stay cozy and safe for those who are!

  14. Good post and some intersting new products for me! As You might now, here in Finland we have cold winter so these things are useful ;)

  15. Oh wow! Great ideas, you look ready to roll! I don't have any tricks...I haven't even riden my horse this winter, thanks to his leg injuries, and now, a hoof abscess. It might be 2010 before I get back in the saddle! I just make sure I bundle up and where cuddl duds under my jeans and down jacket, and since I just arena ride in the winter, I'm never too far from a woodstove cozy living room.....

  16. Hey Kac! I am back from my myriad of computer problems!! Awesome reviews, hats off to you for even riding in that kind of cold! I had to move to a warmer clime, because I do not deal well with the cold! Yesterday I geared up in Under Armor pants under jeans, Under Armor shirt, Thinsulate cold weather riding boots, wool socks, wool sweater, and Thinsulate riding gloves. Imagine my dismay when the weather decided to warm up to 54 degrees for our ride! LOL! I switched out the gloves and sweater and did fine, and was quite snug. All of those items I mentioned above were from riding days up North; but I am not gonna lie, when it gets in the 30's here, we just don't ride! YES, I AM A WIMP! But since those temps. are such a very few days in South Texas, we get many great (WARM) rides in the winter! My blood has thinned and I am no longer a cold weather riding warrior! I should create an award for those of you who live in COLD climates and slog on into it anyway.... :) I think I will look into those pants though! :) For when it goes down into the 40's.... --GRIN--
    word verif.: houtszdt=howzit you ride in such cold weather? :)

  17. btw.. forgot to mention.. i am TOTALLY a FITS breeches fan ! :) Are you sure we're not related ? :)

    prayers welcome as always

    your "virtual sis"

  18. wow, I live at a place where it can get - 40 at times and I've never heard off the stir up cozies...great review! my toes will be thankful to you, I am getting myself a pair right now :o)

  19. I'm a Mt. Horse fan also. And your new header is so adorable! :D

  20. Very nice post! I just did one of my own about my new winter gear. I've been snowed out of seeing my horse but tomorrow I'm going if I have to walk the last two miles to see her!

    How do the reins feel in those gloves? My problem is that Dixie really likes consistent light contact and if I can't feel the reins through my gloves, they're no good to me. I know you and Wa ride the same, at least part of the time.

  21. Mountain Horse have the very best products!
    I bought one of their winter jackets, it must be 10-12 years ago now, and I still use it every day in the winter. It has gotten frayed at the cuffs and doesn't look shiny new any longer (lol) - but it still keeps me warm!
    If that's not good product quality, I do not know what is!

    I also have the Rimfrost rider paddock boots. Together with wool underwear it keeps me warm even in the cold days.
    And we get COLD days.

  22. I will be buying winter riding gear next winter! At the moment, I need to find something warm, cozy and form fitting for jogging outside and my hill walks.

    I love the frosty pics of your trail ride the other day. Our faucets outside are all froze up, even though they come out of the house. I have been hauling water every two hours for Maddie and the chickens this week. Now, they're calling for an ice storm! Yikes!

    I'm enjoying the dry. I'd happily haul water a little longer to keep it dry and lovely a few more days!

  23. Hi Kacy,
    Sorry I haven't been by time for blogging much! It's cold here today again only 14 degrees so I could use some of your gear!! Looks like great stuff! Have a Merry Christmas!

  24. I don't have any but if I did have horses as lucky as yours, I'd be there in a minute for advice on how to dress. Both me and my horse. What a fun life you must have. Great blog!

  25. Wow, you really bundle up! For me it's a pair of sweat pants over leggings, thermal underwear under a sweatshirt under a vest, and gloves. That stirrup foot warmer does look mighty inviting though....especially since my toes are always the only thing on me that FREEZE.


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