Sunday, December 20, 2009

Making Mare Well

Yesterday the mare was full of herself...even with her heal injury ailing her. I have determined that after much pushing and squeezing and prodding...she really can't stand me to put any pressure on her left hind heal-though there is no skin eruption...must be a deep bruising.
I have requested a small grassy paddock for her healing there she was-
I wanted her to face me and then come to me, and she kept turning to walk away. I persisted by patty my leg and looking at her hind -intently..she suddenly reared straight up on her hinds and pawed the air..I cracked up loudly so... she then walked over to me. Quite the display there Wa mare!
My next move was today....
1) Arnica in Oats ( oats make anything go down readily)
2) Epsom Salt Soak
3) Wonder wrap Poultice for her heal (calm coat makes it)
I soaked, then put 1/2 inch poultice of herbs in a gauze...duct taped it to her hoof and put a "Soft Shoe" bootie on her.( Cashel Co. used to make them)
Leave it over night...return in the morning!


  1. I hope that works for her! My Boy's hoof abscess just healed up nicely...I didn't even have to call the vet out, just soaked it in Epsom's. Got lucky! Arnica is an herb, right? What does it do for the horse?

  2. I can tell that you love your horse :) Good job! I wil pray for healing!

  3. My Granny was a midwife and cured many ailments with Epsom salts.

  4. Arnica is wonderful stuff. I always have a tube/bottle of it in the barn and house for horse and human. It helped Indigo's deep shoulder laceration heal up without scabs this summer.

  5. My mother always said everything always looked better in the morning. My hopes are that they do!!

  6. PG ~
    I am soo glad to hear this about my Boy!
    Arnica-it is a Homeopathic pill/ tincture or slave for trauma and injury. It helps sooth the tissues and or speed healing internally so.

    Patrina!! Thanks...prayers are the best medicine!

    Gail~ it just spans the ages..good remedies!

    Sydney~ midwife nurse friend and sissy swear by too now that I have used it all summer with my many injuries.
    Awesome testimony on Indigo!

    Brenda~ Meee too girlfriend.Thanks!! Sleeping on things for me does help...hope for the mare too!

  7. Could it be an abcsess? I hope it's just a little bruise and will heal quickly. How funny that she would rear up and put all hear weight on her heels when one os sore. Silly mare!

    Good for you taking such special care of your girl, too.


  8. i've been praying for wa, and thinking about her a lot. good to hear she can rear!


  9. Well, hopefully this will all come out in the wash as the old saying goes. If it is an abcess her body will possibly take care of it itself. Or anything else for that matter! Sounds like you are doing quite the wonderful job! Jackson has an abcess blow out through his right hind 2 years ago, I had no indication until I found the hole. Dry, no oozing, just a hole. I was pretty sure what it was. The farrier was unimpressed and said it was just the aftermath and that I had gotten lucky, his body had taken care of it himself. I just felt like the bad horse owner for not even seeing any sign of it... Old remedies are THE BEST! I use a preparation called Doc Underwood's on all of Jackson's cuts--and have healed a couple of crazy looking ones...My farrier actually turned me onto it. It is from the Civil War initially clean out the cut VERY well, and then you spray (or put it on with a syringe like me)on Doc's. On top of the medicine you sprinkle on a fairly liberal dusting of baking powder (NOT BAKING SODA!). Then 2x a day or daily, you reapply (on top of what is already there) the same regimen. You reapply always on top of the old, you do not remove the layers...If you have flies or gnats at that point bugging it a little (or a lot) you can spray your spray or put SWAT around it, it doesn't matter to the cut as it is covered! Once a week or so has gone by you have clean, pink skin starting ready or starting to grow hair. It inhibits proud flesh!! It sounds weird, but it the BEST darn thing I have EVER come across! Since it is from the Civil War days when they just didn't have much time in battle (but needed sound, well horses) to minister to much, it is tested over time AND so easy! I could be a rep. for this company, that is how wonderful I think it is!!! When I called to place my order I spoke with Doc Underwood himself! Actually, no, HE called me to tell me where I could obtain it cheaper near me due to a case costing as much as one bottle shipping wise! Super service AND a great product! Just thought I would share a tested and time honored EASY rememdy for abrasions and cuts! The most recent cut was a deep one that I questioned not getting sutured, and it has healed SO well!
    Put it in your arsenal and give it a try next time you have a boo boo!
    Prayers for Wa girl!

  10. PS: Where can I get Arnica? Can you tell me more about it? I like the all natural approach if possible too!

  11. Hope she feels all better soon!

  12. From all you have said, it seems like an abscess to me. More than once, they have blown out through the heel (here). Epsom Salts really helped things along. You sure have a lot of support from your friends! Hopefully she will have improved this morning.
    (I have also used ichthamal under a wrap to help draw out the gunk).

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  13. Go Wa! Get her better quick KK! I know how much you worry over your baby. Looking forward to soon seeing that sweet mare is right as rain ;)

  14. The photo of Wa in her pasture is so pretty. I hope she is feeling better soon. She and you deserve a nice Christmas ride! Good news that she feels well enough to romp around and rear!

  15. "the things we do for love"

    Merry Christmas!


  16. still healing the mareDecember 21, 2009 at 5:30 PM

    Liss~ Well, she was in a very nice soft grassy area... until she heals her heels -that area seems to help her forget about the pain some!

    Lytha~ Yea, my sissy always know a horse has hind end strength- if they can rear at play!

    Mindy~ WOW thanks for that advise...will look into that product!
    I will come over to tell ya about the Arnica and some other stuff the natural horseman should have on hand~

    Lori...humm I do wonder...since it was the hard ground that may have caused it...still applying the poultice and such...have not heard of that..will also look into it, THANKS!

    Mrs. MOM...yesss I do obsess over my mare! Thanks for the sweet comments!

    Juliette! YES I do want to ride for CHRISTMAS! I am taking care of the place out there...sonce my man is working and my PBO is gone..SO...Hope do that ride with the mare!

    Hi there Linda!
    Um yea...tons for the fourleggeds!


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