Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas stylin'

My mare's first mother knows how to keep the her in style! Last year for Christmas, Wa got this very awesome bridle from my sissy. (Wa mare's first mom) It is deep chocolate brown with a nice white liner on brow band and nose .

This year, I was thrilled with what she chose for us(her) to have as a gift!!
A Rambo Newmarket Quarter Sheet! YEA- I love it...she tried to buck it off at first...but actually, being cooped up for a week, and unridden for almost 2 weeks...she was stretching and the Sheet went to the wind in the exercise!

I do believe we shall stand out a bit better for hunting season next year as well!

It must have felt so good to move...she really kept her head this way,
Sometimes lower.....

stretching her back the entire time.
Good on you seem to be traveling better and your therapist will come see you soon too!

Hope all your Christmas wishes came true too!


  1. I like it too. A little wild but it made me smile. I think she looks good with it! :) Very patrotic

  2. agh, i can't stand it! your cavesson is on wrong on your lovely new bridle! and i know that kind of fashion mistake cannot be abided by wa. right?


  3. Lovely gifts, lovely mare, lovely stretches!

  4. I have had my eye on the Horseware particular a jacket in just those colors! I love the blanket!!! If I blanketed here in Texas I would have either that one or the one with the blues!!! And the bridle is fab! Happy Holidays Kac!!!
    if you talk to jules tell her about that contest she won as i haven't heard from her!!

  5. I have been debating about getting that very same Rambo quarter sheet but I've been afraid that Pie would buck me off if I try it!!!! Wa looks wonderful in hers!

  6. Great quarter sheet!!!! She looks good all stretched down very glad she's on the mend!

  7. I LOVE the quarter sheet and how your mare stretches on the line...ooohhh

  8. Wa looks great in her new duds! Looks like she is doing well.

    Happy New Year from all the critters at Skoog Farm.

  9. Lookin' goooood Wa mare! I love it! :)

  10. Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!! xoxo Still in California but will talk when I get back!


    Michelle :)

  11. Wa looks great in her new clothes!! WHat perfect horse gifts. And she sure does seem to be enjoying that nice stretch. Must have felt so good along her back.
    Glad you had a good Christmas :)

  12. Patrina~ Thanks...yea-it is LOUD but sometimes I like it that way!

    Lytha~ I knew SOMEONE would have to mention this fact of the cavesson is OVER the bigger leather headstall...instead of under it!
    My sister taught me how to do this arrangement of the leather straps- for the sensitive horse's POLL area...less ridges and bumps ~

    Kate~Thanks sweet

    Mind~ Yea...I LOVE the Rambo newmarket line...have the "Whitney" blue stripped fleece.
    Jackson would look good in one...if he needed one~Have not heard from Jules...but she [probably is with family

    Juliette~ Wa is so used to having a Throw blanket on her hiney as a quarter sheet..this is refined-compared!
    You should just do ground work with it, many repeated times..and you'll soon find that Pie- will adjust dandily!

    JeniQ~ Oh thanks my friend..I am happy to see her should'have seen the rodeo I had too! She never pulled on my hand at all... just leaps and bucks without the flank strap!

    Petra~ I love it too! And i do so love the changes in my mare..she seems to be wanting the longer frame..even while riding..FINALLY!

    Lori~ HAPPY NEWS YEARS TIDINGS to you too!

    Misha~ Oh sunny and warmer Calif! You take your time..soak some up FOR ME!


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