Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Sunset

The Summer sunset at the end of a busy day Thursday was too cool! It was like an Orange~ on fire in the sky!

But, I get ahead of myself and will describe the weeks events ending in a HUGE-O- PRAISE to God for sparing us an accident with my sister's truck....

Yea, the TRUCK,it was supposed to be gone by now..but the mechanics took longer . I got it back Monday late. I then transferred tack and such from her 3 horse trailer to my new 2 horse trailer's tack room. My sister will come get it at the end of the month , I am told.

So Wednesday was the next available time to hook up the truck to my trailer ...just to feel what it is like to pull a smaller trailer. I made plans to ride Thursday with a gal I just met from in the Christian trail riders group. She has a mustang she trained and another young gelding she also started and wanted to bring him out to our trails. She has also invited me to come up to Riley Horse Camp on Mount Hood this weekend...hummm....... Maybe.

Back to the task on hand again....

I got my trailer all set up, baring a water tank. I backed the truck up to it using my sissy's orange trailer system that has magnets holding long arms, seen by the truck driver to line up -Trailer Ball, to Truck hitch. It worked really easy! Here is the Praise....As I looked into the whole system of hitching up I noticed the Ball hitch on the truck was extremely LOOSE! Loose to the tune of only 2 remaing bolts, I found, out of 6! OH!!!! I went through a barrage of self questions and decided to simpley FIX the problem and NOT go there on how long and why my sister did not notice this the last 3 months as she unhitched it several times!She even had the truck serviced by two different people. NOW- This being my first time to have it unhitched...OH!!
I am JUST GLAD I am a stickler for noticing things! SIGH! My PBO and I fixed the problem with the help of HOME DEPOT.

So...having hooked the truck up-to my trailer- and decided that I would load Washashe and go for a mile spin around the neighborhood. I put some cedar shavings in the clean trailer, and she loaded well, no second thoughts for this new box. I locked the divider to the wall and she had the Whole thing to herself! NICE!!

Again...back to the rest of the weeks times.......

A busy one for clearing the trails for group rides to come for the weekend. As well as clear..we marked the ways of passage for riders to make 1, 2 and 3 hour loops.

It was a perfectly overcast day with Peeks of sun and only about 70 degrees...very refreshing from the hotter 90's~

After a full day of hacking bushes and brambles, we took the ride up and I shared the view of "Stony Mountain" with my barn owner and her young apprentice in trail clearing.

There is a ride today for the C.T.R.F. riding group at our trail head.

This was the scene as we came on home. I went ahead, but they were not too far off...seen just over the "clear cut ridge" from the house. My mare heard the familiar calls to her, as the others got nearer to home!

Soo, I am leaving this morning for Camp Riley, trying out my new trailer. We are to caravan there, which I like.
My Friend took care of,for us as she works at a New Seasons Organic grocery store. lodging for my mare and She assured me that I could just rent a camp- site today, upon arrival. And If not, I could park in her site and pay a smaller fee.
Me, being the ultra organised gal that I am, this feels WEIRD- just showing up and having made the decision to go 48 hours ago!
Have a goodie weekend all,
see you when we come down from the mountain !


  1. KAC! Did I miss a post? You GOT A TRAILER???? Awsome!!!! POST SOME PICS OF THAT BABY!!! Hooray for you....I hope your trip is delightful!!! I'm really glad you noticed that that hitch on sis' truck was in need of help... She owes you one huh? ;)

  2. I admit that I once forgot to close the ball cover on my trailer hitch. Had I hit a big bump, the trailer could have popped off the ball and rolled backwards. I doubt the chains would have held it.

  3. Girl, I'm so glad you noticed this! What a recipie for disaster! God was watching of you for sure! Praise him for that! (Did I tell you I loved your header????) Well I do! I hope you have fun! I cant wait to hear about it!

  4. Amazing photos Kacy. You are living a life that many only dream about :)


  5. Mindy~Yea..well, I am paying it on time..from a fellow blogger-"20 meter cirlcle of life" or AKA" Viola Volte!!!"but have it at my place.
    Oh sissy would NOT even appreciate the fact i spared her hore and mine..I am not going to tell her. I am on the OUTS with her..and am unable to please fact everything I do displeases her...she has taken after our father, I fear.

    Gail~ kinda fell into my lap..maybe one will find you too!

    NUZZ~ Well, I do hear stoies of getting complacent..I am just so anal about it all I will always check! What about your trailer brakes? They surely would have kicked in!

    Rae! I am opraiseuinbg goid for the insight too tug at it still!!!
    Thanks I love your new look very much too!

    Hi Lisa~ I have dreamed about it till now and it does feel much like a dream come true!


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