Sunday, July 19, 2009

7 Premio Horsey facts

#1 When a thought to do something I really wanted to... I'd go for it, without counting the cost.
(Yea, this is me out in the horses field barefooted...I got in big trouble !)
Annie over from Aging lite has bestowed a sweet little award upon me.

This award asks its recipients to share 7 things about themselves....Soooo, in a fashion of Horsey-ness...I will!

#2 I have an obsession with horse tack... and in the fashion of being orderly and prepared- I like to have 2 of everything I love. (barn tack room1 for the horse trailer and one for the )

#3 I rationalise having alot of tack with= I can share that way!

#4 I wear something to help me with L O N G trail rides.....a big ol' curved MAXI-PAD. (It's extra padding for me and-saves on getting tissue out..if you know what I mean!)

#5 I have taught my mare to allow me to pick all 4 feet up, from one side.

#6 I enjoy walking with my mare, during the ride, as well as riding.

#7 I like fun Surprises...I love to laugh and share and make people smile>>> and if you can name my favorite Holiday to spend with the mare<<<(HINT-in recent POST) I will send you something-FUN -Guaranteed to make you smile and maybe chuckle too!( first person to get it right wins.)

Okay ...I know I am supposed to nominate 7 others...but, um, how about 1?!!

She is adorable and a wonderful photographer that has this incredible Horse, INK!


  1. I got a laugh out of the maxi-pad. I suppose it would come in handy... for other things. :)

  2. Aww, you were so cute as a little muffin! And lucky you being able to have horses as a little girl, too.

    Great tip on the maxi pad. Maybe I should wear them hiking? I always find them so awkward to walk with between my legs and tend to use tampons during that time of the month instead. But I bet for trail riding they are stellar because of the padding....and that you sit on the saddle, they stay in place better.

    Oh and in answer to your question::
    "Last year We had a blast on the Fourth of July. My husband Bruce was able to come . He set up three tents, made all the fires and did his fair share of cooking. It was a royal time. And, it so happens to be my Favorite Holiday with the ALL AMAERICAN MARE!"

    The Fourth of July! :D


  3. Heart of a Cowgirl~ my boarding owner actually taught it to me and YEA..It is Very handy!

    THE WINNER IS...and so quick!
    Okay, Will write it here first then do the same at your place.

    Please choose a photo of someone,something or a favorite animal...whatever you can think of that you'd love to look at often.
    Then send it to me @

    You will be surprised! I promise! send me your add again, in case I was not as organised as I should be!
    Yea Lisa!

  4. What cute tidbits you had to share with us. I am also a tack-o-holic!

  5. I love tack too and like to have lots of it, matching stuff would be nice too. Like pads, wraps etc.
    I'll bet you got in lots of trouble for being barefoot.
    As for your favorite holiday I suppose I would go for Christmas, but that's too far away so I'll say 4th of July.
    p.s. loved the maxi pad, good thinking!

  6. Hi K

    Just catching up and wow! you and Wa are having a great time this year! I am jealous but hope to get in the swing of things again soon. Tell hub I have some pickles for his quest does he like sweet or dill? Aw I will just send both and of course the jam for you my darling!! I think I still have you addie gotta check. Happy trails...

  7. Great info to learn! Love the Maxi pad tip! LOL
    Congrats Lisa!!!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  8. Fourth of July! I know you love your red, white, and blue!


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