Friday, July 31, 2009

Meeting "horsecrazy"Lytha and her man.....

. . . .was a pleasure and joy!

We met in downtown Oregon City, after they had spent a full day of fun(in the heat) looking for, and finding Geo Cache's. They went to the very first site ever, nearby, off of Redland Road! I do believe that the Cache's allowed me to even get to meet them! The raging heat wave we have had here in the Pacific Northwest, has really been suffocatingly stifling and they had gone to the beach with family just the day before, and found sweet relief!

If it were not for the "draw" of the prize and thrill of the first G.C. ..the drive back, to the too-hot-city may not have occurred and I would be stuck writing to her, instead of hugging her in a sweet greeting!

After out dinner and spirited conversations ranging from G. C. info, Endurance riding, a new small business I plan on getting in on and my "Boarding Expose'" blog she wants to join in, to vent with me about weirdo BO's -that are stuck on themselves, instead of stuck on service to clients and agreements...we headed out to find one more local cache. There are several kinds, and this, I did not know.

Getting the location, from GPS.

Being around them does remind me of my man and I, when we go out sometimes, we get mistaken for newly year 20 of marriage! It is as it should be, I say.
That was totally fun and I quickly bid them "Adieu" the heat was on still and the beach + family beckoned them back! They are to adorable and I enjoyed seeing the two in love ...
it is no wonder..Lytha is a beautiful hearted girl!

Good bye sweet friends, maybe see you tomorrow and if I can arrange...see you back at your place in Germany too!
XO always


  1. oh that is so cool!!! you made the photos even more romantic with your effects! i was totally thrilled tonight to come back to the room and have my man point me at the laptop, to show me this post.

    what a fun day and meeting you was awesome, i really couldn't be in oregon and not meet you, no matter how hot, and yah, it was hard leaving the cool!

    i just ate three huge crabs all by myself from my uncle's fishing trip and now we are sitting in front of the fireplace ...get this...with a fire going! yah, it's not hot here!

    fires are scattered all over the beach, and my man just asked me to shut the balcony door so he can hear his tv show. that ocean is really really loud!

    i will blog something about our day now, but i won't be able to make the photos look all dreamy like you did!

    thanks for that, you are just as sweet as you are online. no crazy internet encounters today!


  2. hahaha! Yea..he went there to see the post
    I am sooo very happy that you did come up to the O.C. area and also made the accomplishment of finding the first G. Cache !
    Oh drat...I just realised..spelled your name wrong(kinda!)sorry dear!
    Well...I know that some "strangies" are out there...but, my highly tuned sences told me were right on!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful get aquainted time.

  4. KC-Fun post. I would love to meet some of the people I've met through my Journal. What a nice opportunity for all of you. You have not been married 20 years! You look like a kid!

  5. So cool!!! And I love your new header photo!!

  6. How fun to see Lytha through another blogger! I have to say she and her man look wonderful.

    20 years! we're on 12 and people think we're cheating on our spouses with each other! LOL

    Thanks for sharing the meet up...

  7. Gail~thanks it was a blast...just wish my man could have been there too!

    Lori~I really enjoyed that meeting too makes me want more...I want to travel, to meet now!How awesome..wish I could get paid to do it!Somehow!

    JW-BW~Is that not fun..I loved it too, it kinda jsut happened..I borrowed the container 2 seconds before and looked at it in the saddle bag and said whoa..that's neato!

    Breath~ It is always good to - feel the love- and sometimes it does make others uncomfortable..we were told once actully, to NOT ever touch each other in the presence of a certain person in our family...they fell in love a few years later and appologised to us!

  8. Wow!!! what fun to meet a fellow blogger. Looks like you all have a wonderful time!
    Great pictures too!!!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  9. Hooray for blogfriendships!

    KacyK, any time you want to meet up at an endurance ride, just holler. I'm not riding any competitions this year but next year.....

    There's a cool ride coming up in Oregon next weekend (I can't go but maybe you can): click on the link to Santiam Cascade it's a great ride, very cool ride managers and they always want help on ride day!!!

    Keep in touch,

  10. (oops. I went back and found spelling typos. Must be my eyes and brain are still reeling. lol!

    (I fixed them here)
    Oh no, Kacy. I want to read this post but my eyes won't focus with the orange font on blue background. Must be old age. That font color makes my eyes water and see blurry. wah!

    The photos are absolutely wonderful, though. It looks like everyone had such a wonderful time!


  11. So cool Kac...Can we start Geocacheing on horseback? We gotta get together soon...miss your mug:-)

  12. re: geocaching on horseback

    There's at least two geocaches on the 50-mile loop of the Renegade Rendezvous endurance ride! (there's another cache right up the hill from camp, too)

    Anybody want to meet me there next July?

    It's a great ride, and I know *exactly* where those caches are hidden....


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