Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Stills Fences

This adorable and scenic fence runs along a boardwalk up at Timothy Lake, Oregon. It leads to a place called "Little Crater lake". A completely clear and very cold 34 degrees, watery pond. We tied the horse's to a hitching rail , designed for this purpose and took the short walk to the pond. Another Fence border kept us from peering too far over and ending up in the drink. I am sure that all the rails and beams are from trees near this beautiful location.

Please do click the title of this post to visit others fencelined photo's!!!

This Morning, as I was about to post for Sunday Stills- Fences...I got a call from my Barn owner's husband, that my mare had gotten tangled in the fence! OH!!!

There are proper fences for horse captivity and unfortunately, they have chosen to keep up the fence that is not so good...I paid the price today, with horse flesh-off my mare's legs. It could have been much worse and I am thankful that it was NOT! We spent the- hotter than blazes- morning into after noontime creating a
"Buffer zone" fence between the horses out of temp posts and electric tape. That will do the job. The mare had no desire to investigate the accident area again as it "bit and shocked her", this morning during turnout.

ARRGGGG...someday I shall own my property and install for ~safety first~


  1. Bad fencing is dangerous - I hope your horse recovers fully and soon. Good thinking to rig a safety zone fence to keep them away.

  2. I love split rail fencing. Was tinking of using it around the yard in places.

    Hope your horse recovers quickly.

    During a tornado, Arrow either was blown over a fence or jumped it in fright. Half the barn was gone and I was trying to calm him in the dark to get him through the gate. Didn't work, he just used his chest and bulldozed right through the fence, thank goodness it was electric and not barbed.

  3. kacy, your phots are always lovely :)

  4. OOO, I hope she heals quickly!!!

    Cool pics!!

  5. Love the first picture of the fence.
    Oh, my gosh! So sorry to hear that Wa got hurt; glad it isn't serious! Hope she heals soon!

  6. Very lovely fences, Kacy. Nice photos.
    I'm so sorry that Wa was injured and I hope she makes a quick recovery.
    I truly believe that there are no safe fencing for horses. Yes, we can minimize the opportunity for our horses to become injured, but ultimately, a horse can be injured even with the safest of fences.


  7. Oh gosh! So sorry that Wa got hurt but so glad it's not worse. It's definitely frustrating when it's something out of your control like that. On a happier note, I love these pics and I also love your new header!

    P.S. I sent you a quick e-mail...

  8. Poor Wa! Hope she is doing ok. No matter how safe, seems horses always find some way to hurt themselves. Maddy had a big scratch on her butt from a blackberry bush. Always something. Hope it heals quickly.

  9. Great Shots Kac! :D Cool fences!

  10. Really great choices, and different too. :)

  11. Beautiful pictures once again. You live in a very pretty spot.
    It's a shame your horse hurt herself but I'm glad it wasn't too bad. Hope she recovers quickly.

  12. Beautiful fences! I am sorry your horse was hurt..hope she will be ok:)


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