Monday, August 17, 2009

Therapy Riding Therapy

That is what this week is all about...therapy.

My mare had her therapy session first thing Monday- finally! She has been indicating -very loudly- in horse language that certain area's of her body were sore and needing attention. She was most definitely out in her Ham strings from kicking the electric fence off her legs. There also were some Different areas of need I have not had to have homework on, in the past. I always look at it like this when it is something new...that we have moved on past what was hanging us up before. So, it is good to me that new area's need attention, we are doing new things all the time. We also did another saddle fitting with my new dressage saddle and my standby Jump saddle....and....the jump saddle is too tight for her! She has developed more in whither area and the signs of tightness are appearing, in the form of tiny white hairs. I have only used it once weeks ago, since I had it reflocked..but the downhills really made the mark on her. Time for the rubber mallet!

So, since last we met here, I came off the mare in a hurry, as we passed by a tree that is leaning into the trail. ( == NEWS FLASH==About that tree. My Barn owner investigated moving it and discovered that the thing is actually resting right on the power line!)

Maybe there was something to that explosion and not all bad horse action-?- Anywho... I have been able to stay home and around the house mostly for the past 12 days. Ice on the ankle and heals with elevation with some the 3 times I HAD TO GO SEE WA! I brushed her and left again. I was actually able to lunge her twice by the end of the weekend. She did better than usual and seemed to really enjoy being able to do something with me.
She was very good about walking ultra slow, as I hobbled along. She'd look at me, in a kinda knowing look as she stop and wait for me to get slightly ahead again, as we went down the driveway to the open field, the first day. The second day, above, we were joined by my PBO and a friend clearing a tilled area, in prep for a round pen.

Then, my "MUST RIDE MONDAYS" adventure friend called and said, "I am bringing a horse for you to ride..let's GO!!!" I could NOT pass that up and I requested to ride Mr. Mustang Cazi man. He is lower to the ground and a solid ride. Simeon is only 4 and can present one with training issues here and there...and I just wanted to see if I could even ride, at all yet.
We went to some nearby trails in the Molalla River Corridor. They are kept up by "Oregon Equestrian Trails" group. Very well marked and groomed. As we arrived a bit later in the afternoon time, the four horse trailers that were there, left. We had the entire acreage to ourselves!

Cazi took very nice care of me, as we followed his- Bay beauty- pasture mate. He was smooth and inquisitive about things...but not spooky. I just loved the way his multi colored mane sparked in the sun, behind his adorable Carmel dipped ears!

We came upon a MOVING MOUNTAIN OF........

Mr. Simeon was not too sure about this mound of moving, living structure!!! There were soo many of them everywhere...pretty cool really..if you were UP-on-a-horse-and-NOT-on-the- ground!

I have to tell you...the surprizing thing about riding was>>> It did not hurt at all, and the absence of pressure on my heals and ankle, WAS therapy in itself!!!

THANK YOU CAZI...what a wonderful horse you are. You made me totally happy and someone is really-REALLY going to enjoy being your partner someday...wish it could be me!

As for now.................................

My mare is having a kind of time -off-therapy too....... she is LOVING her new huge field..and getting used to staying out 24-7 again.

Looking forward to walking down the trails again soon, with my Equine Venturing partner!


  1. I did not realize how seriously you were injured. It appears that you and your horse are improving and will be back in business soon.

  2. I am pleased you both are recovering.

  3. That sounds like a really good day. Wish I could see the ant mound!

  4. Sorry to hear about your ankle! But great that you still got to get in the saddle for a little while. Cazi is so cute.

  5. Sheesh! The Mare did a number on you both, didn't she??? Glad to see that you are both recovering....

  6. oh, i am so glad you had a good ride!
    get well soon!


  7. Glad you kept with tradition & rode on Monday! Sounds like it was just what you needed!

  8. Lori~ Yea,it as been painful but I keep in my minds it could have been far worse.

    Gail~ Mee too! Slow but sure

    Cara~Those mounds...I am going to film them next time out..they are AMAZING!

    Promise~ Thanks..yes he is adorable~

    Mellie~ She is recovering from her tangle with a fence and I may have gottn on her too soon.

    Lytha~ Trying hard to do just that girlie!

    Tammy! was!

  9. wow how great your friend is :)

    heel that ankle :)
    gp off to the barn for some mental therapy ... much needed here

  10. Wow, Kacy. I didn't know you were hurt so seriously. Your posts are always so upbeat, it's hard to tell if something bad has happened. I'm glad that you seem to be doing better and have such great friends to encourae you to get back up on a gentle horse to enjoy a trail ride.
    He looked like a sweet horse, and you looked so cute in that photo.

    Wa is looking svelte, glossy and healthy in that field. I hope the two of you will be ready to partner up again very soon.


  11. Kac--Are you doing any better? I hadn't realized that you were that down and out! Sure do miss your posts! I love the pic of you and Cazi, but not as cute as some of the ones of you and Wa. I hope everything is all right. I'm ready for summer to be over and for Jackson's wound to heal here. I'm pretty fed up!

  12. glad to read you're getting back on the horse & you had a fun day

    those horses are gorgeous :)


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