Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some things my mare has taught me

My Mare is always Happiest....when she is Chewing!

Since the first part of ownership of my mare, I have kept a running tally- in- mind- of all the ways she has taught me about myself. She too, is very sensitive. She is all animal and instinct. Me being human, I have reasoning thought and intellect and free will.

I have been amazed at her language to me, specifically, as we both have been abused. My lessons are numerous and I have so grown to understand her much more and appreciate her efforts as I accept my own inabilities to cope sometimes and move forward. These are very valuable nuggets of information. I often apply them in my life, with other humans!

While I could make a list of 20 or better- of the funny ways she teaches me about me as she tells me about herself...I want to savor the lessons at a time.

(Obviously..I started with one of the funniest ones..oh! I need to loose weight!)


  1. Ha, this makes me think about my mare! Unlike you and Wa, Arwen and I are too opposites, but I think that's why I enjoy her so very, very much! I love her tenderness, her delicate nature, and how she's always all-game, regardless of what I want. I think the one point we share is that we both love challenges!

  2. Horses are amazing teachers, if we take the time to listen to what they tell us.

  3. lose weight?? you!? where!?? you look great. i don't know where you are thinking about. look at your butt on the banner. that is the perfect butt. if my butt looked like that, i would be thrilled.

    but back to the mare. i think she looks fit in all the pics i have seen. are there pics of her flabby side that you are hiding?


  4. What a nice theme...
    Fame and I can join in under today's heading!

  5. Have you ever read the book called Hope Rising? By the way, Cazi is mine.

  6. Ha ha ha!! That's funny...I was just thinking the other night that Caspian and I are so similar, in that we are both "easy keepers"! HA HA! I have to be SO careful about what I eat. My activity level helps me (thankfully b/c I LOVE TO EAT) but I could definitely stand to lose a few lbs in my gut...just like my horse! Both of us need to take it easy on the snacks! Ok, on a serious note...I like your theme! Horses do teach us so much! I'm bummed that you couldn't make it up for the SAFE show, but maybe next year! It would be a blast to hang with you and Wa. :)

  7. Maybe you didn't hear her correctly.

  8. human,chewing a bit less these daysAugust 26, 2009 at 10:12 PM

    Okay Thanks Lytha!!! Yet, My butt
    is NOT a side neighbor dude(true story here) just 2 days ago, yelled out across the street...I am not lying here..."hey Kacy, Are You with child?"
    Talk about the classic blunder..I felt worse for him than for myself...though I promptly changed my shirt!
    The mare is way more active for what she eats and is quite fit...she does NOT share the wirght issue I have been having...she ruins around still..I have been sedentary and healing..(eating)

    Esther~ Thanks for that story...I loved it!It would be interestingto have a horse that was the opposite of me-for a change!

    Kate~ Oh you wait...I have some pretty increadable stories...listening is very rewarding!

    Horse Of Course...tee hee! I forgot to mention also: My mare and I have a favorite type of chewing as well..."Crunchy stuff" Litterally..she does not like slimey soft things (save Beet Pulp) she perfers the crunch. Mee too!

    J's BOB --yeppers and ooou!Does J know?

    Jrosey~ Too funny...easy keepers..that's the horses Wa lives with..they look at grass or a bale of hay..and it is on them! year...I WILL have the truck and I WILL be coming your way..true story!

    Gail...what? Her mouth was soo full...shye could not utter words~

  9. I love the communication we can have with our fury friends if we are open to it. I think you two are lucky to have found each other.

  10. Beautiful Kacy. You....and your mare. :)



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