Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some more things my mare has taught me....

....about me!
We Love Acknowledgement of honest efforts made !

Being an ultra sensitive mare, she loves and needs concise and fair communication. Through repetition of this kind of communication, she gains understanding and then can trust a request I make, to yield a consistent response she may rely upon and rest in. This normally gains her relief from an aide or a high praise or treat for being willing to try. She loves the acknowledgement of her trying to please, I love to reward her for the smallest of efforts. It is looking for the communication measure that works sometimes.

I too desire honest efforts from the people around me in mutual respect for our friendship. Give and take and easy going is great! Yet-I do require a yea to mean yea and a nay, to mean nay.

Once we have an understanding and acknowledgement of who we are, fitting into the scheme comes easy by known- set standards, we both can look on in ease, and relax~


  1. Great pics! And the message is right on. Sounds like you two are a perfect match. :)

  2. Her mane looks beautiful from this angle! Great shots & post!

  3. A good friend and my former trainer believed every horse that entered our lives was present to teach us something. Amazing what our horses, dogs, and cats have to offer us...if we're open to the lessons. Happy Trails!

  4. Beautiful mane. Horses do respond really well to praise, whether it be pets and pats or just a happy voice saying words of praise. Some people think it is silly to speak to a horse since they don't speak our verbal language, but just because they don't speak it doesn't mean they don't understand it.

  5. Great pictures, she's a beautiful girl. I'm sure she does appreciate her rewards for the smallest try. I think we all could try a little harder to recognize when the horses give a little more than they did before and reward them for it.

  6. what an awesome perspective kacy! love these photos :)

    can i come riding with you one day ..(?) hehe

  7. great perspectives... ah more life lessons from our equine friends
    gp - always a student

  8. Trying to catch up over here my friend. Beautiful post here. And gorgeous photos of your Wa mare.



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