Monday, August 3, 2009

Macro Monday

Having a heat meltdown yesterday..I thought to Mist everything that was wilting in my garden. The little spider came from under a leaf quickly, right under my nose! I just had to put my camera where my nose was and shoot!

If you Are a fan of Sunday Stills~ Macro Monday is another conception from our friend ED. Please click HERE to meet him and others Close Range Images~


  1. Kacy, so sorry you all are having a heat wave there; it's actually pretty nice here in Ohio. A very nice breeze here today.
    Your little spider is cute, he probably liked the shower also.

  2. It is supposed to cool down somewhat this week, right??? we can only hope....

    PS-I just read about you and Lytha on both of your blogs. I think it is too cool that you guys were all able to catch up with each other. :)

  3. It's so hot there that even spiders enjoy a misting off. lol!

    Nice photos Kacy :)


    I just can't decide on a photo for your contest. Got any ideas?

  4. I hate the heat, glad we're not as hot as you are. Good shot of the spider showering.

  5. the hose shot is excellent! it's given me an idea for another macro monday :)

    p.s that spidey is scary eeek!

  6. Awesome pics Kacey! Hey, will you be around tonight for a call?

  7. Hi there Kacy girlfriend!!! Wowee!! The heat has been on lately hasn't it!? So very glad we have cooled back to normal. Very refreshing change!! Just wanted to drop by for a quick hello to you and say your fence pic from Little Crater Lake is gorgeous!!! We too have ridden our horses there, but that adorable little fence was not there. Our dog actually swam in the lake...too cold for our tootsies though!! And, so glad to hear that Miss Wa is not seriously hurt from her tangle with the fence ordeal! Scary!! Love you little friend, take care and enjoy your beautiful summer. Maybe I will find the time to post on my blog soon...been way, way too busy lately!! :( Am needing a vacation big time!!! Bye for now, Lorie

  8. Must Ride Mondays! I love it! We have our "Wednesday Night Rides" but usually run out of sunlight before we run out of gumption! But at least it gets us out during the week.

    As always, excellent pictures. Really liked the one of you standing by the horse looking out to the water. And laughed at the one where you are crossing the bridge. My Windy kind of splits her ears like that when crossing the bridge, too.


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