Monday, August 31, 2009

The running water effect

While riding in the Sandy River last Friday, the mare who has never relieved herself while with me atop, had an unusual response to the water flowing under her hooves.
Too funny. I am glad she decided to finally do this action...I knew she had to go, and had gotten off several times already. This was one local, I would not dismount for her. She decided it was a safe spot, even with me aboard!


  1. Don't let Wa know that you put her picture peeing on the internet!!! She will be embarrassed!!!

  2. Running water make a lot of people go too.

  3. This is too funny. Wa must have been perfectly comfortable. How are you doing?

  4. HA, that's hilarious! How silly!

    Maybe you shouldn't have put it on here; she may not dare to do it again! :-P lol :)

  5. Ha ha!! Too funny! Last year I was on a trail ride with two friends. One of them had to "go" so she dismounted & squatted. Then her mare shimmied up right next to her and followed suit. There they were peeing side by side. I was dying and wished I had my camera ready. Too darn funny.

  6. she went with the flow~August 31, 2009 at 11:20 PM

    Hahaha! I am still laughing...and have a funny story..should have posted it...
    At my first barn, I would go out on long trail rides and I would have to go badly by the time we returned to the stable...Promptly, I would go into the outside bathroom. I had taught Wa to stand outside the door(I would keep my toe in it, and give her treats.) Often, this is too funny- She would GO TOO!!! The both of us...Pee-ing...I could have won $10,000 for that, if I had someone film it!

    Mrscravitz was go-with the-flow!

    Jane I know, she'd not forgive me!

    Gail yep, what kid do you know- that did not have a parent do that for them?

    Lori Tee hehe! Thanks for asking...I am doing alright. Some nerve discomfort on the heels and bottoms of my feet still. Therapy is doing wonders. Riding is-litteraly- the only thing that does not hurt.

    Mell I not tell her!

    jrosey She wil;l do that with me too...hilarious I tell ya, these horses!

  7. this just brightened up my day :D

  8. When we ride in water, the horses often stops to poo.
    Plop, plop,
    horse poo sailing away on the water beside you...

    Anyone for a swim?

  9. ROTFLMBO! Kacy, I cannot believe you posted your horse peeing. lol! And I thought I was the only one to post crazy photos. Yours beats all of mine, my friend.

    Well, at least now, if you ever need to take a urine sample of Wa, you will know just what to do. lol!



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