Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On the Horse Again

Let me tell ya friends-it is soooo nice to be back in the saddle again! In fact, I have had a run-on-riding, since Friday last.

My "Must Ride Monday's"partner and her Mustang Cazi, came to pick me up last Friday. The weather was partly cloudy and perfectly mild. We set out for a new place-Oxbow Park.

This is the "Blocker Tie Ring" configuration I is can move it anywhere there is a tie ring, including inside the trailer.
My friend sends her horses inside the trailer and they stand, untied, and never even rush to get out when the door or divider is opened.

I found out though----this was NOT always the case. This very Mustang that calmly gets into the trailer now and stands calmly by, used to take up to 45 minutes and tears to get in. She has worked and worked with him and he trusts her judgment now. Both of her horses do. I really like not having to tie the horse, but Wa mare and I are not there. She, being the anticipatory mare she is- would turn around lickity split!

We began the ride high above the river, traversing down and down.

High above the Sandy River Delta.Cazi and his partner take in the sights.
The view was quite a beaut! You walk down quite a decline trail with large rails that border it for safety sake. I walked the mare by hand, as she hates the pressure of the downhill on her back and shoulders. In fact, there are some white hairs for the downhill pressure because we do it so much. I am not anymore, she is too sensitive for it, I have discerned...and am treating the area with "Calm coat" it soothes and grows normal hair back. We arrived down at the river's edge and the horses enjoyed the cool water while walking to the bigger flow of things. And ya'll know what happened after we got into the river...Wa decided to"Go-with-the-Flow!"

It was a wonderful new outing and Washashe was very excited about it all, from the start. She kept an eye on me the entire time I was getting ready, that morning...even though she had her grain and hay..she'd stop surprizingly, and come to the stall door,peer over it to make sure I was not leaving with out her! I loved that! So, I have learned...give her tons of time off, and she really wants to go with me anywhere!

The trail head had a large barrier to keep out motorized bikes and normal bikes with a 6 ft wide 30 inch tall wood boudary. ...She jumped it at my request and off we went! The only part of the trip she disliked were the rather large round river rocks. She would stop and turn around and ask again..."really, must we keep on this way?!"

NOTE TO EILEEN DEAR! Next time you come from Africa to Oregon...You will be going on a riding adventure with us! Better start to plan...I am!


  1. Yippee for you, riding again! That beautiful trails you have to ride on! The rivers, the trees, the beautiful views, you are soooo very lucky! I am still waiting for the horse flies to go away, they are still after Gilly and me too if I am outside. I hope next week they will all be gone. It's been beautiful cool weather here but still the vampire flies linger!!! :-(
    Love the post, thanks for taking me along!

  2. You lucky dog! Beautiful scenery and equally beautiful horses.

  3. You get to go to the most beautiful places on your rides - I'm envious!

  4. It was a happy day for you and Wa. Glad you are both doing better!

  5. Aww!! So glad you're "back in the saddle"! Looks like a beautiful ride as always! Calm Coat...LOVE the stuff!! Doesn't it smell so awesome too?! I'm crackin' up at the pic of Wa looking back at you. You two obviously "get" describe her moods so well. Happy trails!

  6. The red dun looks like our horse, Butterscotch. At certain times of the year, her mane is much like that of the horse in your picture. Blondes, reds, and other "autumn" colors. I have thought many times of photographing it and taking it to my stylist & asking her to color my hair like the mane of the red dun...

  7. Looks like a lovely ride!

    You know I had to go back and check what you wrote about your friend's horse, being a mustang I mean.
    Do they have eels too?
    I almost thought that it was a Fjord mixed in there somewhere (living in Norway might have something to do with that assumption, so you must excuse me!)

  8. i want to come riding! looks like fun :)

  9. Yay! Looks like your life is back to normal, as is Wa's. I'm so happy for the two of you!

    That butterscotch colored mane on that other horse is stunning!
    Wa's expression is priceless in that last photo. lol!
    A mare with attitude!


  10. Count me in most definitely babes.I really do want to come again...Oregon is way beautiful.
    xoxo Eileen


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