Monday, September 28, 2009

My World with a horse

I am bidding my Trail Riding Buddy goodbye. It is soooo bitter sweet too. Been lamenting, the past month. Tough to see someone you love go; though exciting possibilities await him.

Been taking him to all my favorite places to ride, since he broke the news. This day, he did love the spectacular view from "Stony Mountain" overlooking of the Valley. We can see Molalla, Colton, Beavercreek and Oregon City.

These pics have a weird hue to them because...not only am I saying goodbye to him.... said a "surprise goodbye" to ALL MY PHOTO'S on my card. I had an accident but fortunately, could at least- take a photo of a photo from some hard copies I made for his going away party, 2 weeks ago.

My Private Barn Owner finally found her house from our view point-Thanks to James spotting it!!! We've been looking the wrong direction all summer. It is literally-under her pointed finger in the picture.

The two equine comrades enjoy a few tasty apples, before being wrapped up and loaded in the trailer for the first 5 hour stint to Texas. A Journey to an unknown field and stable.

Good bye my friend...we rode hard sometimes and long. We explored new trails and you helped me start to ride them with confidence. We Laughed and now, have cried too.

I Pray thee well ~

Goodbye sweet Quincy ~

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  1. Lovely post, beautiful shots and very moving as well!


  2. It is bittersweet to say goodbye. I like the first photo. I always have a hard time taking photos of horses.

  3. you are hired to come to germany and take pics of baasha.

    when he sheds out next may.

    that's a pretty time to visit germany too, and you and B can have the guest room. hopefully B is not tall, cuz our ceilings are low.


  4. Lovely post - very sorry your friend is moving!

  5. For every door that closes, another opens.

  6. Lovely set of photos, so sad to say goodbye!

  7. Well, now you'll just have to travel to Texas! :)

    It's so hard to have a friend leave... Truly a great post.

  8. Oh I get so sad when people have to move away! Your pictures are so lovely. They really convey the somber mood. Well done.

  9. Kacy, so sorry your riding buddy is moving. Beautiful post! :-)

  10. It is so very hard to say goodbye to a good friend. I'm sure you will see each other again and have more rides. Visiting new places can be lots of fun too, so plan on going down there once in a while and surely he can visit too.

  11. What a nice tribute to your friend. Very pretty pictures.

    The first pic, "walking on water", is incredible.

  12. What a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing and sighing with us.

  13. Awwwww Kacey this made me want to cry too. Must have been hard to say goodbye...what a sweet friend and adorable horse!

  14. 30's as in the HIGH??!!! Okay, talk about eerie, now I'm scared. Lol! I can't wait to met you too Kacey! Oh I LOVE classical music! I dont' know many people who like classical in my group of friends. :) I grew up playing classical flute, my sister the piano and my brother the violin.


  15. Such a special tribute to a dear friend. It is not goodbye, it is farewell...until we meet again. I love that beautiful photo of Quincy, Kacy.



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