Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Views

Though I have the same eyes and go for some of the same shots as before...having a better camera lends itself to some better quality photo's!

I do not have to stand so close to the mare to get close-ups now...she relaxes some and I therefore could take a nice shot of her last weekend,while she paused to contemplate her next bite of Beach grasses...her favorite kind!


  1. wow you're good! i guess yer in the fancy camera club now huh? wanna share what kind you got?



  2. Love the eye shots!!! Right, what kind of new camera did you get???
    I don't think I will be riding anymore this year. Had an MRI on my shoulder yesterday, I have a torn ligament, have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor Monday. (hurt from the fall in July) Will let you know. boo-hoo :-(

  3. Canon Powershot SX110 ISSeptember 23, 2009 at 3:06 PM

    Lytha sweetie!Na..the camera is good!
    Well...I did get one that was a bit more than I was going to pauy...was actually going to get the same kind as before...but, it is extinct.
    So, went midway priced and still digital...but has manual much to learn.
    "Canon-Power Shot"SX110 IS

    Jane~Crapi-ola! I am sooo sorry...maybe that is why I never went in to Dr. after my fall...but mine has gotten better and you probably has pain still.
    Darn it all. I know that I am soooo careful to not put myself or the mare into situations of hardly any danger or tension now...I can not fall off again!I may not survive it if I land on my feet again...have to learn the "Tuck and Roll" move!


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