Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Equines on sandy shores

First Light of day over the trailers of Bay Ocean House Summers end trip with our horses~

I arrived on the second day of the 4 day beach escape-summers end trip. There were 9 horses and 5 trailers. WHOA...it was creative trailer parking..but we managed pretty well.
I always love the sunrise over the Bay. The horses have this view and they are mesmerised by the boats traveling to and fro.

I was so pleased to have Mirah Stuart, our local Equine Therapist friend come on down for the last night. All else had left Sunday, the 3 of us remaining, had a nice time together sunning and talking. She brought her cute older dog companion with her.

Then, I FINALLY had the pleasure of riding with her. All these years of her working on my mare and now we even barter hair for therapy. YEA-We walked on the buckle at sunset...It was fantastic and I adored every second. It was as if my mare recognised the loving heart and hands she rode with and she left all cares behind, in her hoof prints!!!

Riding at Sunset, where ever I am, is the most relaxing and enjoyable thing on earth to me.

We made for home with just enough light to show us the way.

My tack room lock decided to not open and so Plan B...no halters/ropes . Therefor, no way of tying the horses...so we just did not..they were fine.

We retired the horses, and retired ourselves after watching some Bull riding and called it an awesome weekend with lovely horse loving friends and perfect Fall weather(imitating summer).


  1. I love riding at sunset too! What an awesome excursion to do!

  2. What a wonderful excursion! Riding on the sand at sunset - lovely!

  3. KC - of course you know how tortured I feel looking at these photos. Some of those taken on the beach are your BEST!

    I went to a park the other day and posted some KC like photos from the back of my horse...the only problem...no beach!

  4. Wow, Kacy!! Gorgeous beach shots! Looks like you are walking on glass, what a relaxing fun time! You are so lucky to have such nice places to ride and a trailer to get you and Wa mare there. (sigh) someday.....

  5. What beautiful pictures!! Sounds like you had a great time with your friends human and horse alike:)

  6. Esther~ We are sisters at heart, truly!

    Kate~ Yummy it was!

    Lori~ Opps meant to come by and give you a spoiler warning dear!

    Jane~ TYou too...willbe psoting the likes of these someday soon...it is a dream for me that i never thought to actually happen either. Even when -IT IS HAPPENING- sometimes...I sigh and realise I am in the picture!!!

    Steph~ Thanks...we did.mostly a safe trip..though it was the annual "beach clean-up" and there were Helicopters flying around and back[packers and everyone was there!

  7. wow you can really as John Denver sang "talk to g-d and listen to His casual reply"... looks absolutely heavenly

    thanx for taking those photogs


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