Friday, September 25, 2009

Pretty thoughts

There is something of poetry born in us each,

Though in many, perhaps, it is born without speech, -

An existence but dumb and uncertain, that strives

For expression in vain through the whole of their lives;

That is glad when the spring wears its beautiful smile,

And is sad when all nature to tears would beguile;

That can feel in the summer a glory divine

Thrilling on though the days in their silvery shine;

That can drink in delight in its radiance rare

When the mellow-hued autumn breathes peace like a


That can weep with the world in its woe of to-day,

And to-morrow take part in its merriest play;

That can stand on the mountain-tops often, and see

Where the far-away gardens of paradise be;

That can sound with its plummet of feeling the deeps

Where despair in the darkness of destiny sleeps;

That can feel, and can be, yet can never express

All the feeling and being its life may possess,

But that yearns with a yearning no poet e'er knew

In its silence of years for the speech of the few.


  1. Beautiful. :) Hey sorry I never called you! I have been so flippin busy this summer. Tomorrow my girlrfiend and I are going up to Hardy Creek for a ride! Looks like you got a lot of riding in this summer. I think I may wait to buy my horse (unless something falls in my lap) next Spring. *sigh* I need to learn to slow down first. Lol! I still want to meet sometime! I haven't forgotten!


    Michelle :)

  2. Hi there!
    Well you have fun fun on your ride at a great local as Hardy Creek!
    Left ya a msg at your place too.
    No worries girl...we shall meet up in good time.

  3. Catching up on posts...
    Congratulations with the new camera!
    WONDERFUL pics, in particular the ones from the beach.
    Thanks for sharing!

    And being together with the horse, just the two of you, is very peaceful. I love it.

  4. Hey Kacey! Send me your phone number again. I'll call ya tomorrow. :) I'm 5'9 1/2. She'll have to probably be at least 15 hands. Lol!! At LEAST! Lol! I cantered Ari for the first time today. OHHHHHH...what a high!! He did not want to stop but I came up on a group of horses and had to slow him down. We had a great ride today!

    Why is your Equine therapist giving up Honey???


    Michelle (misha503 at gmail dot com)

  5. what gorgeous photos and beautiful words~

  6. Beautiful post.
    Hello how are you?


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