Sunday, September 6, 2009

Local Gals Ride

I had planned to go with my PBO only, yet she is in for "the more the merrier".

I was almost ready to go last Monday, with my mare Washashe. I was feeling' pretty good about only going with my barn owner, as I have only gotten to ride the mare a very few times of late. She showed up with a friend, and though I know her..It made a bigger group. Then the gal that lives on the property showed up ...and she was invited...ooou- I was now wondering how this would be with a foursome group and a competitive mare-MINE!
Well, my PBO said to everyone, "lets all be mindful of everyone and if need be, we shall split the group." ease again here.

It was so mare with her month off really showed me something about herself. One of those "What my mare has taught me" - Kinda lessons.

Though my time down was with much pain, wonderful blessings did ensue. The kind you don't plan , but only occur because you are stopped and available.

My mare's time down was so much in need. She got therapy and put out to pasture 24/7. She would run and buck and a horse needs to. She has been a dream since then and very relaxed.

We did lead the group, her fave position. But the huge-o-difference was.... She minded not how close the other horses were to her and had no evil eye/ bad behaviour. I chock it up to her knowing every horse.
We trotted and jumped logs and laughed our heads off!
The last ride of August...and the last of the sunny, cloudless days it appears. Rain, Rain has come to stay. It is Oregon and if you don't like change...this place is not for you!

I personally dig on change. Happy trails friends!


  1. A ride that many can only dream about!

  2. That had to restore confidence in both of you. It sounds like you had a great time.

  3. Wow, your whole post today is worthy of remembering whenever I am in doubt. I love how things worked out and how you could share it with us who doubt ourselves!

  4. Oh looks fun Kac! We are working like dogs here this weekend! Have a good one!

  5. Gail You too will be telling ride stories someday..just KNOW it!
    Lori forgot to mention on the post...My PBO kept saying, "Wow, your mare is really calm < and" Wa is very good today"! It was nice..hope to be repeated!

    Brenda's Arizona~ Hay thanks for saying hi! Welcome!
    I will have to come on over and meet you. Well...have another doubting ride today with "Old Riding Buddy"...I am taking another horse, not mine. Good to know one's limits(or the horses)!!

    Lu Happy to see you! I need to catch up! 3 day wkends...are good for extreme work or play!

  6. That's great that Wa behaved, and you had a nice ride! Lucky you having barn friends to ride with! :D

  7. that's wonderful, i am so happy for you!

    hey, how do you pronounce your mare's name? i forgot to ask you when we met!


  8. This sounds so great, Kacy. I'm glad that it all worked out and you just went with the flow, just like your beautiful mare, too.

    Baby Doll's time by herself, grazing and being a horse 24/7 was good for her, too, but I have noticed that she seems to miss it..and is a little bored with being back home on just our 3 acres when she had several hundred acres to graze and play on before.
    She also seems....impatient and a little bit pushy. Our flies are not that bad, yet she stamps her feet when she wants me to hurry with something that she wants...right now.

    While I was feeding the goats and llamas cookies, Baby Doll stood beside me stamping her feet, pushing her face on me, poking me. I ignored her and then she reached down and bit one of my goats on the nose! What a spoiled brat!

    I did not give her any cookies after that. She seems to need a little attitude adjustment, my mare. She seems to have forgotten about patience and that I deserve some respect and space.


  9. Melli~ Yes, she seems to be getting better and nmw that I discovered that her saddle is slipping alot downhills. It makes the ride back go poorly. Explains tons!

    Lytha~ WA-SHA-SHE~ Thought she has been know to go by many many others..that is a post in itself!]

    Cara~ !!
    Liss~ Oh BD!!Wa still has her issues..but I just plan around them and when that won't work-Horseplan B -I finally have others to ride and not have to miss out.

  10. Sounds like a nice ride!
    And I loved your photos. I believe black and white shows the dynamics in the picture better, it makes the picture more dramatic.

  11. Oh what fun! Glad the time off did Wa good. Makes it all worth it. Sometimes they need a metal break from all the training and riding and they just need to veg and relax.


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