Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another thing

I realised that there is another thing I have in common with my mare....

While planning the end of summer beach trip this time, I yearned to have some alone time with the mare in one of the most favorite of settings I have the privilege and blessing to ride in.

Though I had room to share in the trailer for another, I decided that I would go it alone and hopefully even ride alone, this time, with her.

I have never done that at the beach. Oh sure...I have done the occasional separation move to calm her down and she does quite readily, once others are out of the picture. That has always surprised me too...Washashe being the social mare that she is. She actually gets better, while alone...even if the horses are ahead of her..if they are out of literally is almost-"out of mind" !

I can get all tied up in knots about thinking of whom I may ride with- having a sensitive Thoroughbred mare that feeds off others that are nervous or competitive. So this time...instead of fretting..I planned on riding alone.

We all headed for the beach at the same times and started together...I was wondering how I would break off without being rude or anti- social looking.

Well, each time it occurred naturally. The first ride, we set out together and planned on riding the Bay Side. I took the pains of putting the hoof boots on Wa mare. Then planned on taking them off for perfectly sandy shores, after I reached the Jetty some 30 or 40 minutes later.

I then was apprised of the time constraints of this ride, and I hate time constraints!!! They did not want to be out as long as it would take to ride to the Jetty...and I did not want to get off after only 20 minutes of riding, to take off those blame hoof boots, to ride in the sand where I need them NOT!

So..I let them all go and rode on down the road.

I missed out on the group photos, but had a fantastic ride alone..she was really relaxed and so was I!

The next time out, we were all just naturally separated, by leaving at different times to hit the beach. It was a higher tide and everyone did their own thing. I again had a nice, fun ride with a bit of galloping and trotting in the surf , with the mare. Trotting in the surf really makes for a buoyant, lofty and round horse as they are looking at the ripples of rushing water below themselves! I loved it!

I then discovered, that the other thing we have in common is: we are peace being alone and enjoy less pressure. Groups can make us nervious, and we tend to separate eventually for more solitude-

Though -this being said-we are social in our heart and love a few trusted companions that are longsuffering with us.


  1. Sometimes it's just best to be alone with your horse - I agree completely!

  2. How cool that you gals got some one on one time too. The "surf trotting" sounds heavenly. Your whole trip sounds great that you got to get it in with this incredible Indian Summer weather we've been having! :)

  3. Wow, the beach riding sounds heavenly! Your description is fantastic! I hope warm winds keep coming your way!

  4. My horse does better on trails when it is just the two of us as well. I like riding with others but, I get a real sense of peace when its just me and my boy. BY the way what kind of trailer do you have? I'm looking and could use some advice.

  5. I have always wanted to ride on a beach. I will some day but your descriptions are exactly as I picture it to be!

    Enjoy your beach time!

  6. some alone time on the beach with your beautiful mare sounds like a little slice of heaven... :) and good for the heart and soul!

  7. Howdy, thought I'd visit you on your blog to answer a comment on mine :)
    When I'm trying to figure out hoof problems, I take photos and put them on the hoof forum at
    folks there are wonderful, many talented trimmers. They have helped me through some rough spots with Red and Lyra. Hope to see you there,


  8. I agree. All of the bad experiences I had with my mare (spinning, bolting, spooking/teleporting) all occurred when I rode with someone else. When I rode alone with my mare, she was more focused on me and less stressed or annoyed at our fellow rider and horse.
    That being said, it is is (usually) much safer riding with others, and also less scary or boring. If I had been braver I would have ridden Baby Doll alone a lot more often.
    I admire your bravery and free spirit ridiing Wa everywhere and anywhere alone together, Kacy.

    You paint a beautiful picture of your rides together, too.



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