Wednesday, September 9, 2009

At the end of the day

You guessed it....time for a quick ride around the forest lands and return home by head lamplight!
One thing my head lamp is teaching me...keep looking ahead UP!!!-do not slant your chin down...or the mare gets freaked by the strobe effect of light across her path...!


  1. Yes keep looking ahead babes.The road may be tough but the LORD has got you...Love ya

  2. Oh, marvellous photos...again!
    I love the autumn, but I hate the evenings getting darker *sigh*

  3. Ahh, lucky you, riding!!! I am still waiting for the vampire horse flies to leave the area. They are still eating us up and no riding for me! boo-hoo! :-(

  4. Wow, very cool lamp, where did you find it?!

  5. You are amazing Kacy!

    Baby Doll gets freaked if we only bring a lantern up to the barn. "Aghhh! Oh my's a moving light. What am I gonna do! It might eat me" lol! Silly mare!


  6. Wow very cool pictures. Is that headlamp built into your helmet? Where do you get one?

  7. Working nights...I don't get the opportunity for night rides! I am jealous! Good to see you out on the trails again.

  8. Oh HIYA Eileen!!!! caught up with me...this is what I do all the time...ride- ride- ride!Sooooo good to see you here!

    Horsesofcourse~ Thanks so much...I take so many pics, all the time!Went out with some one new and shoed them the pics of the day afterwards...they could not believe how many I took!
    Yea...all of a sudden, I have lesstime to ride. Nothing does stay the same...does it!

    Jane~ Darn it all...they took off sometime after it got over 100 degrees here and never came back to bite us again. So sorry! XO KK

    Melli~ My PBO went to an auction...and the autioneer guy threw them into the pot they bid for!! stobes or remains bright(like in the pic) I wear it mostly for cars to see me, if I go it by road at all, around where I ride.

    Liss~ Haha! Yea...Wa cares not too much aboutit..I took care of a mare once that almost brained me with it's was my flash light's light..she totally freaked!

    JeniQ~ Thanks!!! It clips on the lip of any hat..that is my sun visor for the helmet it is on.My Barn owner gave it to me... someone gave it to her!

    Jules~ It is sooo good to be out again, thanks. I know it would be tough for me if I could not come back at fav time of all to ride! You got the weekends- at least~

  9. You are too funny!!! I love the fog rising out of the forest! What an absolutely beautiful time of day to be out riding!

  10. Kac-I need a headlamp! Really! When you get a chance for a bit of a sit read my recent post, I think you were one of the folks asking in the past to hear about all my mishaps! I hit on the 3-4 major ones, have gone off a few more than that. Perhaps I am learning to land or just become resigned to the fact that I may just end up on the ground, beacause the last two times I have fell off (its been awhile) it did nothing to add to my fear issues.....
    But about the headlight, that post will explain why I need one (by Nov. as we have a trip planned)...Info please? :)

  11. Love those photos but hate the thought of winter coming too!

  12. Great pictures once again. I've never seen a headlight on a helmet. Great!

  13. I love the first photo..what amazingly dark blues!

    I need to get me one of those headlamps...sure would make fall/winter riding after work a lot easier!

  14. when i paced friends at the 100 milers i'd meet up with them oh around 2 am for the last 25 miles... flashlights.. head lamps... thanx for the memory... gotta do that sometime on my horse!!!

    gp who admires your courage!!!

  15. Love your photos of the fog hanging over the trees. Lucky you being in Oregon. That is a beautiful state!

    Hubs has a headlamp that he attaches to his cap for doing outdoor things at night. Works really well. Don't know if he's tried riding his horse with it on.

    Thanks for stopping in to visit us. I'll be back by to see you.



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