Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taken hostage

My camera has taken all my photo's hostage!!!

Last weekend , during the second days ride with my "Old Trail buddy" that is about to move and my PBO...I lent the camera over for a few pics of me for a change, and that started the revolt. It took offence and now, has refused to open altogether. I took it to the local photo processing place and sat and made hard copies for me and my friends..but was so tired by the end of that I failed to make a disk for here.

We made a discovery, we located the house of my PBO from the Stony Mountain view point!I have an awesome pic of the house from there...but you will have to wait for it now! I am looking into cameras, for the upcoming Bay Ocean House beach trip. I mean, it is TRADITION that I set the photo's up on the TV every day, for all to see themselves and hoot and holler a bit with the candids I take.

Two weeks of missing shots is killing me here..like last evening..oooula la. We went out for a short ride, after I packed some stuff for the beach. It was darkened out with a sort of angry sky. It was totally focused near Colton and the East all day. No wind and no rain, at all...just swirling hovering darkened clouds. The mare and I set out, and took the forest loop to the creek and then on into the next forest stint.

The trees had an eerie cast of lighting upon them...orange-ish and glowing. I got spotted glimpses and it was really nice.

We returned with the headlamp through them ,20 minutes later as the light was gone through the dense branches of fir limbs. I came out to the tree clearing and took the trail my PBO made though it..I was mesmerized with the sights of a darkened- cloud- capped- sky, in ribbons of golden- pink. I took a glance over my shoulder, to the Stony Mountain range and The Green Mountains ascending. OH!!! I gasped out loud in delight and strained my neck to see the gloaming dusk light, ribboned over the trees in soft glowing waves and covering the skies above all, in a purple hue.

My mare took the trail she knows so well, homeward. I was still gawking over my shoulder when she took a turn, and I almost took the opposite direction! I could not help it...I kept stealing peeks over my shoulder, the whole way back!

She was soo happy- and you know How I know?? She "High Blows" at the walk!I adore hearing her do it and it is like my l o n g s i g h s , when we start to leave civilization, as I know it, and go into the forests where she lives now.

Have a good week all and I will catch you up next time, on some sandy shored- end of summer-times~


  1. Your descriptions of the skies and mountains are wonderful. I hope you get your camera fixed soon or a new one. You always take such great pictures.

  2. I look forward to your new pictures.

  3. eeeeeeeep i'd be shattered if my camera did that :(


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