Friday, September 18, 2009

Spiderweb free riding

I am so happy to be going back to the place that I will not have any spidery webs, with the dangling creatures to ensnare my face and fall down my shirt.

It does make for a hilarious- atop the horse- creative dance movement though...when it is NOT YOU doing it!

My Old riding buddy- though a man, showed much enthusiam on our last ride,with little throaty, high pitched groanings. I would look up to see him flailing his arms around and dusting his torso off, wildly, in attempts to free himself from the cement like elasta-web. I was giggling so hard-not a sound could you hear from me!
Be back after the weekend make sure to have a nice time with the horses and your families!


  1. It's really too bad you couldn't get a film of the antics that go on when getting a web in the face.

    Cleaned out the garage for the last two days and though I'm not afraid of spiders, there were plenty to go around.

  2. That would have been a great video - even though we've all been there and one that!

    Enjoy your weekends!

  3. Walking through the woods is fun like that too.

  4. Too funny! Yes, at some point or another I've done the "Danger Will Robinson Dance" also!! It's more challenging while mounted

  5. Oh My! I can't even step out the door here without doing such a dance on the ground! The spiders have been quite prolific this year! I can turn on the outside faucet and knock a web down, only to have another in it's place a few minutes later when I go to turn it back off!

  6. I suppose that's a good enough reason to have a horse that doesn't mind always following. The lead horse and rider gather all the webs and spiders. hehe!


  7. That would have been a great video - even though we've all been there and one that!
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  8. I'm impressed with the should definitely give them a try before you go for shoes. We are in similar terrain, and they stayed in place perfectly with no rubbing or twisting. They are very easy to put on...much easier than Raven's easy boots were.


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