Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My old riding buddy

As of the the month of August, the Local managed forest lands have been closed. It has not happened in years..but this year we have had some long stretches of hot weather. Normally, here in Oregon, we get rain at least every other week, if not some every week. Even if it's the overnight showers, that so nicely clear the air and make it smell fresh again. Not this summer!

I was NOT riding much at all in August, due to my crash and it bothered me not that the lands were closed. Recently, I have wanted to ride the lands again, so I rang up the local land manager . He was not really willing to budge...even for a barefooted horse. Though he said that they could not enforce it and many would still be going through the trails. It is already illegal for motorized vehicles and shooting, hunting and campfires. All it leaves is us Equestrians and the hikers and mountain bikers.

While out on the trail with my Friend last Friday, the horse started to neigh...not ours but my phone's ringer! It was an old riding buddy.
I normally do not catch any calls-on purpose while riding- but this was a friend I had not heard from in a long while. He wanted to schedule a ride..we did for the next day, at my place. I called around some more and found that BLM land banked up to all the Port Blakely lands around us. They have NOT closed thier lands. I made sure to pass through the P.B. lands that had no signs up(less guilt) and we rode to the BLM lands.

His neato horse Quincy is now 6. He spotted him in a field one day and drove up the driveway and asked if he were forsale. He was. He bought him within weeks, and started his groundwork training. He had had 3 horses before Quincy and they had some training issues(like Mine...(wrongly mishandled and now sour to work) He desired to train his own horse, instead of buying others problems. We met through the Christain Trailriders Fellowship almost 4 years ago and have been riding together ever since.
Sometimes I ride Jag, His QH. While I was in a barn that had trails my second year of horse ownership, he'd come every weekend with me. My Wa mare loved to lead and his 4year old Quincy would not...perfect match till Quicny got bolder and my friend would then take off on us...made for a crappy ride and after a few rides like that...I vowed not to ride my mare with him again.

I still keep the vow...I rode Danny!

Okay..he is really a nice looking man but...he took his helmet off saying, "So I won't look like a dork" he explained...then he looks like a DORK anyway! Weirdo face!!!
Sometime...I will tell some of the really fun stories of our riding heyday back when I was a bit more fearless. I found out he nicknamed me "Wildwoman". Tee hehe!

Nice times...are soon to come to an end though. He just took a Job in Rockwall Texas and is to move the 27th of September. We have a few more
rides scheduled, then He's off!


  1. You sure have beautiful places to ride. In spite of the drought, it looks luscious.

  2. Sorry about your trails being closed to riding. I am still not riding, maybe tomorrow if I can find a saddle pad to fit Gil. A friend borrowed my Parelli pad that works well for both saddles. She needed it because she is going to a show, taking two horses and doesn't have time between classes to change out tack. All she will have to do is jump from one horse to the next. Wish I could have gone to watch; she is in Lexington, Virginia at a dressage show.
    Maybe I'll just ride bareback! LOL
    p.s. you owe me an email!! :-)

  3. It's nice you got out with your friend. Too bad he's moving. Wish I could send you some of the rain we've had here all summer. Beautiful trails by the way.

  4. I'm so glad you had a great time with your friend. My phone "neighs" too. I didn't know they would close public land if it was too dry. Are they scared of fires or is it that damage would be done from people passing through?

  5. It is so nice to meet old horsey friends.

    Here it's been raining close to every day last month. Now I know where it comes from. Can we send it back, please?

  6. smellin' the moist air nowSeptember 5, 2009 at 9:41 AM

    Lori~ Yea, as the manager was talking to me on the phone about how he did not even want me on the trails.. he said that they were dry....I could tell he had not been in there... did not challenge him with what I knew...the trails, in the places I ride that are Port Blakely, have moist dirt still from the abundant creeks.
    It's all good! It is RAINING NOW!

    Jane~ I hope you ride your Gilly...better go ck on my e-mail! And you..GET a PAD! Oh-with "Wither relief". Or my fav- Sheepskin lined. That is the only one that leaves no marks on my thinskinned mare!

    GHM~ I know...will miss him and his yahoo ways! I DO thank God for the wonderful and diverse places to ride here!

    Mountain woman~ NICE to see you!!! I love the Niegh..ring..I also have a cat ring, for my mother.My camera, actully allowed me to program a cat meow for it I take a meows! People really smile for the pictures!!! Or tell me to they can look for the lost kitten!
    Yes...they can not regualte the folks that pass through there...some people smoke and shoot guns, drink and act stupid where ever they go sometimes!

    Horse of Course~ Yes..I adore meeting back up. Well it should be dryier ther now...we have the rain forcasted for days and days..after letting you borrow it!

  7. I am so jealous of the absolute beautiful places you have to ride. Here in Ohio unless I want to trailer out for over an hour to over used trails at local parks, I'm stuck with walking around soybean and corn fields...

    I long for cool woods, clean water streams, and sharing with NO ATV's !

  8. Hope your lands open soon. Seems like it's been dry where it is usually wet and vice versa this year. We had a really wimpy monsoon season in AZ. Just brought our horses down from the mountains - "horse camp," today. It was time. They stay with my husband's brother and get ridden a lot all summer.
    We missed them, but fortunately for them, they missed all the crazy hot weather here this summer. Hope things turn around there soon.

  9. first wow... what a great comment you left a "Good G-d morning"... that is so awesome and a good one to hold onto.. that's a real gift..
    sounds like you had a good horsey time... memories of magic for sure

    i took out the thoroughbred mare for a good ol' fashioned bday gallop.. weeeee

    hitting more trails tomorrow.. weather permitting... more wet stuff

    happy trails

  10. You are so lucky to have so many good riding buddies. I know you will miss this buddy, but maybe one day you'll make it down to Texas to ride with him again? (And you can stop in NM to visit Wildwoman!)



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