Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wind of Change


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Loved your little picture montage, especially the one with the red cooler entourage. :)

  2. Kacey.....I loved this post..but still made me sad for your friend moving away. :( *sniffle sniffle*

  3. KC...these photos are sensational! Nice work....and who could have a more beautiful header!

  4. Great pictures KC. How long did she keep the cooler on?

  5. Hello friends,
    Yea..still a bit sad but- he is almost to Texas now and tomorrow his horses will be finally in a field and not in a trailer for 5 hours a day!!
    I gleaned this red cooler from his dumpster(actually my husband did for me!)..he was perging at the end..just giving things away and throwing them out too.

    Hi YGmaille!

    Michelle yea sniffle...

    Lori Haha thanks and YOU will always like the water ones...this I do know! Thanks xo

    Melli ta!

    JeniQ Wa only kept the cooler on for the pictures...I actully went for the ride before hand and gave her a "Sore-no-more" bath, so needed the cooler to wick. It was windy and that is partly why the other horses freaked....she looked pretty scarey with the billowing red thing!!!

  6. loved the red billowing thing....what a gorgeous sight

  7. While it was a sad post, it was also a beautiful post, too. For a friend and for your horse. :)


  8. Thanks for the nice picture story. I liked how you fused the words in the photos. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing!
    I particulary liked the photo with all the guys watching your girl in red, lol!

  10. amazing when we "listen"... here where i'm listening and watching our horses keep warm in the ... snow!!!!


  11. what a great post - sorry for your loss . . . may your trails cross many more times throughout your lives. Absolutely stunning red cooler.


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