Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Beach work/ride trip Part 2

After We had ourMorning Coffee we brought the horses down for a grass munch-out and grooming. My friend decided to graze Romeo, while aboard~

Romeo...looking on -as he usually does~

The beach was great, no wind and warm again. We played in the surf for quite a few hours and also let the horses go a few times, in playful galloping. It was a blast and my friend has never done that with me so much as this trip. Romeo would usually fall behind and then start to neigh for my mare to wait up for him! He is so adorable~

We both have leather "Grab Straps" on our English saddles...just in case of a flighty horse..the froth of the waves sometimes spooks them, as it rolls under the hooves~

We saw one fellow walking the beach to query about taking a picture of us together, before the rides end~~he availed us willingly~

My husband showed up to the house just before we returned from the beach with the horses. It was sooo nicve to spend the time away with him for a change! We made some pretty awesome meals together...and they always taste SO-MUCH-BETTER away from home, after work or play!!!
All of the below actually happened before the above...blogger will not let me rearrange the photo's on the page..oh well!


From across the street, My friend saw me coming up form the waters edge...I had been there for a time, to take in the beauty through the camera's lens.

The one place I ***LOVE to get up early is being at the Bay Ocean House! The sunrises are so wonderful on the water and greeting my mare in the morning is just- too cool! I so envy those that have the privilege of having their horses at home.

This is the view the horses have from the stalls...they love to watch the boats coming in and going out to sea~

After feeding and mucking a bit, I came inside to find my PBO husband/wife team, already having a pow-wow with Java on the front deck. I spied them through the kitchen window~

It was a fabulous morning to be sitting looking over the water. There was absolutely NO moistness in the air....very unusual for the coast.

It was high tide, so we watched the fishermen go out to sea, as the horses did, from their vantage point.

The to-do list got refreshed , and supplemented. The main order of business was to look into covering the natural spring water Cistern. It supplies water to the horse stalls, making it handy for the rental business they run for equestrians.

Last year and this year the creek ran dry in the late summer. So they had to get creative with water sources. They actually had to refund some $ to a group this late summer(later to find out that group snuck an extra person in for the stay -without paying- AND put up TEMP fencing in the nice yard by the house, after being told exactly where to have it placed.)

Well, in the 15 years of renting the home-those ill mannered folk are only the 3rd to take advantage and they may not be able to rent again-or may have another pay rate next time, fitting the behaviour.

We had our coffee together and watched a Blue Heron in the Bay~

He flew off his watery perch to come over to the forest by the house~

Not often do you see a Heron in a fir tree!

The boys got to working later on...the tarp and cool frame in hand, they went up to the cistern~

These two go back to when we first came to the church in Oregon City, 18 years ago. They bonded instantly, being percussionists~

They got the frame for the tarp together and before you knew it...began to play it, like and instrument, with rustic percussion implements(sticks)!!!

Okay, let's get to work boys....

This precarious position lent itself to a hilarious outbreak of......gas.... and all caught on video!

The morning I left with the horses, was much different than the weekend. It began to look and feel like Autumn. Quite nice really, after such a long, hot summer.


  1. Thanks for posting this and the great pictures.

  2. this your place on the water?
    Wow. What a setting and opportunity for riding. Your sunrises were outstanding.

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. You visit and ride in the most beautiful places and have such wonderful friends to share them with. :)


  4. Great pictures Kacy! Love the water shots. Looks like you had a wonderful time of it. :-)

  5. Awesome beach house and what a beautiful sunset!! :)

  6. Beautiful pictures KC as always. Sounds like a perfect ending to a great summer.

  7. What awesome pictures and the beach ride looks like so much fun, I'll be there one day with Lily!!

  8. Jill~thanks it was so nice

    Lori~ It is my place I dream of being ona horse- on the water- then my PBO takes me with her there! She owns it. It is the first place I rode after my 35 years off a is special to me!

    Liss~ Thanks,The PNW is awesome and I praise God for allowing me to live here!

    Jane~I am starting tom enjoy photo's of water!

    Michelle~ The sunrises and sunset at the surf are the best! You will be riding there next year, with us all!

    JeniQ~ It certainly was that, thanks sweet

    Buddhacowgirl~ Lilly and you will love it truly, when you go!

  9. Wow, what a fun trip! All of the pictures really helped the reader to experience it too.

  10. This just looks like heaven on earth. Fantastic photos.

  11. Wonderful place.
    I am so envious of you, being able to ride at the beach. It is something I've always dreamt of.
    Beautiful pictures!
    Thank you!

  12. KC Thanks for ALLLLL those comments. You are too kind.
    So what's the story with your computer>


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