Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blessing of a day ~

We had not planned this ride, as there were pending events to happen on this day. Well, as the week unfolded and the day gor closer...all plans went South and my "Must Ride" friend decided to pick me up and go up to the mountain for one- last- seasonal(colorful) ride.
 The day was amazingly fabulous...for having storms upon storms hitting the area, as per the normal chain of events for the time of year. WE SO LUCKED OUT- or Rather- We were BLESSED!!! We did give the appropriate Praises too!
As I read  from other bloggers, they too  enjoyed the same euphoric rides,  in other beautiful parts of the country and world!

Driving up to the it is specatacular to see Mount Hood and the fall colors, through the windshield.

Though sunny, it was crisp, in the fall air as we readied.

On down the trail to the creek...Wa was happy to follow...she has a very good memory about the creek...LARGE ROUND ROCKS. She did give me a fit about it too...I had to tell her, "We are only going to look at it this time, not cross it, I promise!"

She had distain in her ears as we looked on it.

Then up and around to another sandy roadway;  my friend had been wanting to share with me...OH! I can see why now...the view of the mountains and river below was breathtaking and we just sighed MORE Praises!

Simeon, goes to the water a bit timidly at first, but then goes ahead in confidence.  I remember all ll the times this summer, we have played a  "leap frog" riding technique( I go first-then, you go first) It has REALLY given him a confidence!

Washashe mare enjoyed the water too.
She really relaxed for some time, when we first got there, drank deeply and was very content to stand in the cold, wet, Sandy River.

There was hidden fun this day, finding sandy paths that we could circle around  trees and large boulders, making impromtu -20 meter -or so-arenas. We spent time practicing outdoorsey  "rhythm trotting".  They have to settle to be able to do it...even though one side of the trail points homeward and they truly wish to speed traverse the area enough..they realize....they better settle in the even tempo, and be able to stop sooner. We did have some fun with that, as it came sponteanously, when we rode down the paths.

Untacking, we found a "Hitchin Post" rather hidden away from the paved "staging area", were we parked the rig. They enjoyed some hay and also some excitement. There was a team of search dogs being trained nearby, and they heard them yet, never actually saw them.

Red cooler mare, ready to ride home after a day in the woods.

Gorgeous day and worthy to be praised...a gift to us and our Equine loves~


  1. well you know how to get an innkeeper teary eyed... what a blessing of a day indeed as you are to share this...... this was great since yesterday gazi had a short time of very shall we say high spirited ness which we had to work thru (aka he wanted to be with brady dan's horse!) :) Instead of being totally fearful.. I said outloud "little man we are going to work thru this" and silently I added "and I will stay on! :)

    a blessing of a day tho not quite as scenic as yours

    hugs and shabbat shalom
    ps thoroughbred mare goes great thru stream crossings.. FYI !:)

  2. Great post Kacy! What beautiful country you have to ride in! Those pictures were spectacular, breathtaking!!! Yesterday here was gorgeous but I didn't get to ride and today it's heavy rain and looks so dreary and dismal. Oh, well there will be other days.
    Happy Halloween!!!

  3. thanks for the inspirational post! i wish i had someone to play leap frog with, that is the exercise baasha needs most!

    mt hood is great, i love it! mt adams too...

    funny how she looked at that water, after all those days of ocean play!


  4. Beautiful post, beautiful photos. You ARE blessed!

  5. Manker~ Great to see you! Nice ride for you too...everytime has it's own unique times..never to be repeated sometimes! Talking to the equines hearing helps me sooo much!

    Jane~ Yea...right now it is an "everyother" good day for bad around here..nice it is predictable.
    I am still loving viewing your church ride..that one is fab!

    Lytha~ Sometimes I do think of you and Baasha as if with us- and I think it would be your turn to go ahead then mine!
    River water is hurts sometimes(rocks).

    Brend's Arizonia~ Are'nt we all really?!Thanks!

  6. What a beautiful day! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. wow what beautiful photos and gorgeous colours. I remember skiing up that way when I was living in Oregon as a teenager. I spent my time in Ashland but had NZ friends in Portland. The leaves are just an amazing sight arfen't they .....happy riding days

  8. What a BEAUTIFUL ride! (I always say that when I visit your blog, don't I?) :) The colors and views were outstanding! Sounds like we all had some well deserved fall weather!

    The picture of the sunlight hitting her ears is very nice!

  9. You definitely WERE blessed to get an opportunity for such a beautiful and fun ride! Glad for you!! :)

  10. Fund~ Great to see you, I enjoyed your ride of late as well!

    Sally~I love Ashland..Southern Oregon would be a first choice for me , if I moved in Oregon.Happy riding to you too!

    Tammy~ OH! You...and I do love riding out huh!It is such a great time of year to be horseback

  11. Thank you Kacy for helping me see how wonderful life is.Thank you for sharing it with me!!! LOve you, Jen


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