Sunday, October 11, 2009

Riding Fall with my "Shadow Rider"

Lovely days and nights, we've had here in Oregon...the leaves are QUICKLY changing now that we've had frosts and the weather people are forecasting I'm taking the mare to the beach...for a quick trip with my PBO~
See ya all later in the week!


  1. Beautiful shot, wish I were riding with you.

  2. Very beautiful picture. Way to wet to ride here in southern Ohio after 7 days straight of non stop rain. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be able to at least walk around the field.

  3. Have a great time with your shadow rider, Kacy!


  4. gorgeous... here where winter's sorta set in already!! yikes

    gp intrepidly going out on her arabian anyway :)

  5. Have fun at the beach. Stay warm:-)

  6. Beautiful! I love shadow pictures too :D

  7. Oh my gosh, is that the same trail we were on? How beautiful! So looking forward to our next ride!! My niece and I had a wonderful ride together with the lady of the ranch. I was so impressed with Paris. She's so like me..ready and willing to do anything! We went up some pretty steep hills..had to hang onto their manes...and she was totally fine with it. She even cantered a bit. We are so alike that way. :)

    xoxo Lots of love and hugs. :)

  8. Fall is beautiful, and what a nice picture!
    Here it has been stormy all day, so I am contemplating whether to ride out, or let it be a day of rest today or not...

  9. Gail~ Me too! That would be so fun to ride with you!

    JeniQ~ Yea winter has set in aroudnthe countryside! Hope you got that field ride/walk!

    Liss~ It was soo very nice, thanks!

    GP~ You have a lovely Intrepid time...wintery though it may be!

    Jules~ Thanks!We choose the right weekend to go= it was like 70 and completely dry..not even a dew in the morn! God is good!

    Ice Pnoy~ I was pleased with it , thanks!

    Fund~ NICE Profile pic! Good to see you...intrepid gal!

    Michelle~ !

    Horse Of Course~ Storms are upon us all over the place...riding is iffy at best, without an arena for me!
    Hope you get to!

  10. Kacy,
    did you get my email respnse to you?
    I keep getting "undelivered" bounced back to me.
    BTW love the pic!

  11. Nice picture of the shadow. Hope you had fun at the beach.

  12. Lucky you! I haven't gotten to ride in awhile. Rain, mud and working on the house has kept me away from my boy. Have a wonderful time!!! Love the shadow rider!

  13. woot woot.. gorgeous... we're having monsoon rains today... tho i had a first class show! :) on saturday with my qhorse alle (a blessing)... went down this morning to 4 soggy but blessed horses who snarfed up their extra grain and hay

    what awesome creatures g-d has created

  14. Have a wonderful time.

    By the way, your header photo is so incredibly breathtaking for so many reasons.


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