Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watery Wednesday with a horse

I had the pleasure of taking a trip to an interesting and beautiful location the other day. My new HorseLovin' friend treated me to a ride at Timothy Lake, Oregon. It is in the Mount Hood National forest lands.

This was the highlight of my day, near the water. This view and Mustang Cazi's paw-fest!
If you wish to see others watery delights... T. Bruce has more for you HERE!


  1. That's a very interesting view between the horse's ears! Great photo.

  2. Very clever angle! I like it a lot!

  3. Love the water video! He sure loves splashing in the water, did he try to lay down? The first shot of Wa's ears with the water above it really great. Oh, boy do I love the mustangs mane!!! Wish Gilly's mane would grow like that....it might if Pokey wouldn't chew it off! LOL
    Thank you dear one for the award!!! :-)
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  4. You have the neatest places to ride!! Thats just fantastic!!

  5. What a beautiful spot for a ride. Love the horse and his coloring, he looks like he's having so much fun in the water.
    We had a paint horse once who did the same thing and would swim in L.I. Sound, right up to canoes or rowboats to say hi. You gotta love these guys.

  6. We have a business partner in Portland and I traveled there quite frequently in the past. We'd fly over the Mt. Hood area when we came in and always dreamed of riding there!

  7. Beautiful ride yet again! So much fun! That Mustang sure is a beauty. And what a goofball! Wa must've been like, "what the heck"? Did she try to copy him? :)

  8. lol.. when i saw the first photog.. i thought.. naaah she didnt put him on a motorboat .. did she ? :) :)

    great shots

    sit down and ride

  9. Beautiful capture and so creative.

  10. OMG...Cazi is a gorgeous creature!!!! Bo always paws like that when we are in the water, and then he tries to roll. Sometimes it is all I can do to keep him moving forward...lol!!!

  11. You are teasing me again, going to water! I agree, you have had some amazing riding opportunities.

  12. Alieni~Ta!
    Mick~that's how they show up on film, from where I sit!

    Bettyl~ The Equine View..is how I like it best!

    Jane dear~Ya know...most horses as they paw..are preparing for jsut that thing..and down they go. I guess he just paws up a storm!
    Though each time we got ionto the water he did that and she really wanted him to stand, just once!Yea..his mane is sooo cool!

    JWBW~I do LOVE where I live, more and more!

    Grey Horse~He is a very cool horse to be sure...sweet as punch!Don't know if he's go up to a boat though...that sounds like a adversersome horse!

    Tammy~YOu can come ride anytime here in Oregon, with ME!

    Veronica~I hear that alot..I am Thankful- over and over!

    Kuntry girl~Well..it was NOT Wa!

    GP~hahaha! That is too funny! The mind tries to make sence of what the eyes are telling it!
    I am "sitting down" less- these days...easier on the hores back!

    Cozy R~Thanks so much for that..and comin' by too!

    Mellie~Yea..she thinks she wants to sell him...I was talking her out of it and still may..he is cool..but a slow mover unless someone takes off before him..then he does canter in place..it feels soo neat but his normal canter does not..that si partly why she wants to get an easier horse to ride for her back.

    Lori~We are gonna have to get you to water with and equine =soon!!!
    I am so thankful these days..yes I am!


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