Sunday, July 5, 2009

Return to Stony Mountain

The return to Stony Mountain was greatly anticipated by me... seeking new trails is always a fun quest for us and the view from this one is ooou La La!

Traveling along the service road we spied many hoof prints of those that have gone before us on their steeds. And they are many...from the looks of the tracks. We also spied a BLUE ribbon that headed into a nice woodland trail. Nice timing to get off the main road. I love the Blue ribbons..they were placed there by a faithful trail lover and someday, I shall meet the Blue-Ribbon placer myself! I am a RED ribbon now, they shall see my clothes- pin w/ RED ribbon along side of some of theirs. I always mark on the left of the trail I am leaving for another turn(RED RIGHT UPON RETURN)it keeps me knowing the direction to go home.

The trail was covered in bright was so pretty. Bet you can guess what I chose as a location name of the trail for the NEW Map .......?........go ahead guess!

This will be MAP C and when I get GPS- I shall have the milage for each leg and directional headings too.
Along with the Shamrocks, I was amazed by the FERNS..they had to have been 4 feet across and just as tall! Of Course, that trail is going to be dubbed "Big Fern Way".

I let the mare eat after an hour or so...there are no creeks up here -that I have found- so she was needing some refreshment...the "spit-bugs"(for lack of knowing what they really are called!) moisture was all I could offer her.

After a rest we hit it again and...
CHECK this out..We popped out of the trails and went around a corner and OH-WOW-EE
It is Mount Hood! I was elated when I could see her!

It was a fantastic day and if the sun was not going down in an hour...would have gone farther to see if I could manage a loop to "Rock Wall Pass" & "Salmon Berry Heights" and onto Gillette Road and home again. Next time!


  1. So impressed with you and you navigational skills! I was thinking about you the other day, about how you go on all sorts of great rides, just you and your mare. I would love that bonding time with Caspian, but I am horribly directionally challenged and pretty much always need a guide who pays better attention than me! ;) Maybe when I get adventurous enough, I will give it a try and make myself some maps like yours. Great photos & glad you had a good ride. Thanks for sharing your mapping ideas!

  2. Starting a"Trail blazers club"July 5, 2009 at 11:54 AM

    Jrosey~ I am gifted in my ability to be directional and remember the way when we go out..and have let the mare choose the way back sometimes an she mostly gets it right as well...but...there are some times when we just HAVE to MARK THE WAY!! I always carry clothes pins w/ red ribbon attached.
    When I have a trail memorised..I then take back my marker for another time and another trail.

    You should try it..You do fine.It does work marking w/pins.They are easily placed, should your mount not like to side step into brush to place it like mine..though we did do that for years..pins are faster!

  3. I can't believe all the shamrocks, unbelievable! Great thinking with the ribbons and maps :)

  4. You get to have all the fun!

  5. What a beautiful ride!! Sounds like you had awesome views and it was fun! :)

  6. Wow, Kacy! what adventures you and Wa have. Beautiful trails and what a neat way to mark them, who would have thought, clothes pins and ribbons! You are so very creative. Hope I can be back in the saddle by this weekend!!! if I am I will get lots of pictures!!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  7. You are so clever!!!! (i also love your header picture!!!)
    Cool pin and ribbon idea! I'm lucky around here I wont have to do that, but its such a good idea for when we go somewhere else! Those shamrocks and ferns are totally beautiful! You do have some of the most beautiful places to ride where you are! I'm so jealous!

  8. Another great ride with the Wa. Thanks for taking us along.

  9. Our friend MJ from mancosmulemj took us for a ride once in Western Oregon, west of Mt. Hood.
    What a wonderful ride that was!!!

    Thank you for taking us along on this one!


  10. Lovin' the pics!

  11. Magpie~ Hullo again to you! was a sight to be sure and the markers jsut made sense to be able to take them down so others could enjoy the trail, without man made things hanin'around!

    Gail~Come on over to my place and jooin me got"fun"to go around!

    Michelle~Yeppers...good times!

    Jane ~you take care of yourself my you can blaze up some trails soon!

    Rae~There is a horse out her for you anytime you can make it need to be jealous!

    Lori~Always here for ya!
    HBFG~Oh, that ius neat that you can actually FEEL the ride too..having been in our neck of the woods!

    STACE!!I miss you, gotta come and see if you are posting(off horse!)

    GP~HAHA...Yea..never been called a redneck before... been spendin' tons of time walking the mare and clearing brush..need to sit down and ride!

  12. I can only imagine what it must me like to view all of that from atop a horse. Love the shots. I especially like those with the horse's head in them, as if seeing this all from their view. :-)

  13. I have an award waiting for you on my blog!

  14. Kacy-
    Wow...what a gorgeous area you went riding in! Was this ride part of your vacation, or just trails around your barn? (I am so confused, because I have been gone again!)

    I love how you make maps of your trails! :)

  15. Wow, Mt Hood. Lucky you. Taking occasional pictures looking backwards with your cell phone might work. I know it works when I need to find my car in airport parking! (As long as your battery holds!) I have given you a Premio Meme Award if you would like to go pick it up at my site, lady. Happy trails!


  16. Kacy, I love your rides and your new header is just AWESOME!!! Keep those beautiful equine coiffures going!!

  17. kacy does your horse have ear warmers on(?) :) how cute! lol
    as always, lovely photos
    p.s added you to my blogroll hope you don't mind x

  18. T~Hi there sweetie! Nice to see you here sorry I have not particitpated lately...most of my water has dried up...since I take the shots ususally from the horse!
    Rae~ OH THANKS SWEET...I did that one a bout 3 weeks ago from 2 other fellow bloggers!

    A Palmer~ OH will come on over to see..thanks!!

    Mellie~I do love your new profile pic of Bo! Thses are all from my barn so far...will be camping this wkend up at mt those trail will be different!

    Esther~Love ya gal!

    Mouse~No! Those ear/face peices are for the bugs to keep off!Thanks for adding me too~!~!

  19. hi kacy, no worries on the blogroll ;)
    i'd love to see your band photography; i might have to look through your archieves tomorrow :)
    i am feeling better thankyou xx

    p.s do you have something ready for sunday stills(?)

  20. I'm always amazed at the places you and your mare go together...just the two of you. She is quite trusting of you and you of her, and you are both very brave and adventurous. You take such wonderful photos of your travels and rides and I love that you share them with us.



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